Paving the way for an underrated Industrial Design company based in the Philippines, this article introduces a take on the work produced by Dosenyo, derived from a Spanish word. Dosenyo’s simplistic approach to serving a meaningful purpose in this fast-paced, and complex world certainly is unique as it aims to apply a human-first approach with sustainable backing. 

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Helmet Visualisation_ ©Dosenyo

Founded by Donita Salazar, this award-winning firm received the Silver A’Design Award in 2017. With a strong conviction to design beyond the start-end process, and focusing primarily on people, there are very few players in the game that focus on the overall process and prioritize the user to a great extent like Dosenyo.

1. The Alder 

Meet a sassy and individualistic food-maker, also known by its users as the Alder. Remember those frustrating moments of despair when one or two rice grains escape the pot while straining the water out? This 3-piece oven-safe kitchen set rescues you from those moments with a silicone feature present at the bottom. Get ready to discard your kitchen clothes and mittens as the handles can be held without having to run to the fridge to dab your hands with ice. 

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Cooker Pot_ ©Dosenyo
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Kitchen Range_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Shelf View_ ©Dosenyo

2. The Nest

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Portable and Home Speaker_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Portable Speaker_ ©Dosenyo
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Color options_ ©Dosenyo

Two of the other striking products this collaborative office has developed are the electric scooter and the Nest speaker. They might sound commonplace, but their features and design usage are far from it. The accolade-winning Nest speaker, featured on Yanko design was specifically designed for those who forget to charge their portable speakers and for those who do not own one. This home speaker has a double-action usage as it can be utilized as a haven for the portable charger and ensures that it is always charged. It allows users to form a habit-building regime to charge the speaker and place it back in its nest, which the team finds analogous to the Kon Mari method

3. Not just your regular scooter

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Electric Scooter_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Brake Light_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet10
Foldable View_ ©Dosenyo

I cannot comment on superpowers, but this scooter would make any rider look like a vision from the future. The Electric scooter has been visualized with a futuristic sense with options that have a unique concept behind them. The inbuilt GPS and phone compartment is definitely handy when you are late for work and trying to avoid knocking over a street vendor holding a basket of strawberries. This scooter does not require extra space for storage due to the folding mechanism provided that enables it to be tucked under the bed or behind the door. With a brake light and turn signals controlled at the handles, it ensures a smooth ride due to the absence of center wheels. The whole design has been improvised with minimalism that is true to Donita’s style. 

4. A Quirky Tea Infuser 

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet11
Animal infusers_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet12
Visualization_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet13
Visualization_ ©Dosenyo

Who says that kids get to have all the fun? These joyful infusers have been designed in a variety of forms like a duck, unicorn, llama, and a penguin peeping out of a cup figurine to brighten up a gloomy day. It serves the purpose of an infuser and is a unique addition to your tea-time. 

5. A Video Capturing Helmet

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet14
Side View_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet15
Inbuilt Camera_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet16
_Color Customization_ ©Dosenyo

An inbuilt camera enables a hands-free experience without having to park your bike and miss the live experience. The user is allowed to experience the scenery or adventure without fretting and can edit all the videos in the safety of his or her house. Often, helmets can get uncomfortable after a few hours in the sun. But this helmet has a ventilation system that solves that problem as well. In case the bike is not fitted with a brake light; the helmet has got you covered. Once again, Dosenyo’s products hit the mark with multi-usage features. 

Donita Salazar explains in one of the interviews at a College in Manila, to the students in the Industrial design program. She believes that a team works better when there is a collective effort and understanding, where people work on what they are good at, and at the same time devote time to learning new tasks.

Donita hopes that the future is filled with clients who support environmentally suited design practices that reduce waste and not get trapped by the mass-production trend. 

Donita’s tip for aspiring and driven industrial designers is to focus on your inner personality and follow your design direction and at the same time, prioritize waste reduction. 

6. City 3D Maps

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet17
3D City Maps_ ©Dosenyo

City 3D Maps is an interactive 3D playmat that allows children to spend their playtime without risks of getting hurt. This is an inflatable mat with softer edges and has two options that depict a view of New York and Washington. Not only does it promote safer and fun playtime, but it also helps in learning about cities interestingly and simply. 

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet18
2 Cities_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet19
3D Map_©Dosenyo

7. Logo Design: Miyuki Denim

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet20
Statik Logo_ ©Dosenyo

There is always a story behind logo design. Dosenyo focuses on creating a concept before starting with the design process as they believe that the logo tells the background or story behind the firm itself.

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet21
Joseph Wallace_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet22
Miyuki Design Logo_©Dosenyo

8. Not your Regular Doorbell 

This is unique because of the number of shapes it comes in and the easy installation process that goes behind it. With a hassle-free installation process, compact size, and built-in camera and identification system, you do not have to look elsewhere. 

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet23
Doorbell system_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet24
Doorbell shapes_ ©Dosenyo
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet25
Doorbell design_ ©Dosenyo

9. Nebulizer

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet26
Nebulizer design_ ©Dosenyo

This is not a regular nebulizer that people are worried about using in public. This aesthetically pleasing nebulizer comes in different colors and accents and has a slot for charging it. The secret behind this is that it does not look like a medical device on the outside which instantly comforts people who use it.

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet27
Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet28
Color Customization_©Dosenyo

10. Playstation 5

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet29
Playstation design_ ©Dosenyo

The Dualsense design was matched to Dosenyo’s idea to heighten senses while playing games. New features like swipe to eject and an NFC charging capability for the Dualsense were added while sticking with their simplistic design look.

Dosenyo-10 Iconic Products - Sheet29
Playstation LED lighting_ ©Dosenyo
Color choices_ ©Dosenyo


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