Beyond Object’ is a label curated by Poetic Lab studio starting in 2014. The brand designs everyday stationery, desktop products, and homeware with the philosophy that these everyday objects can be crafted as functional sculptures. The label seeks to amalgamate functionality and art through its range of products. Each product serves its function while also acting as a sculpture featuring the label’s distinct minimal style

Here are 10 such wonderful projects by Beyond Object:

1. Align

The Align Pen by Beyond Object plays with human nature to click pens before using by creating a three-part pen that aligns in different ways when in use and when at rest. 

The middle of the three sections is dislocated and one is tempted to ‘align’ the body and activate it. It also has a moving strip that allows it to be pinned into pockets or onto a stack of paper. Align has a practical grip and is made of aerospace-grade Aluminum, making it an extremely light and easy-to-use pen.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet1
Align Pen_©Beyond Objects

2. Dueto

Dueto is a dual fineliner and stylus created by Beyond Object. On one end there is a Schmidt fineliner refill, which can be used when the pen is uncapped, and on the other is a retractable stylus. This is an extremely convenient device especially for meetings or creating using a tablet. Made from CNC machine premium Aluminum, this lightweight pen is sleek, simple, and extremely convenient.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet2
Dueto Pen and Stylus_©Beyond Objects

3. Cantili

Beyond Object describes Cantili, a tape dispenser, as a ‘logical sculpture’. It is designed as two mirror-finish concave circles resting on an angled stand. The cantilever edge has a blade and acts as the cutter of the tape. The dispenser, despite its minimal structure and angled cantilever, is sturdy and can be used with just one hand.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet3
Cantili Tape Despensor_©Beyond Objects

4. Lino

Lino is a structured letter knife by Beyond Object. It is the outline or the sharp edge of the knife rather than a solid block. A black outline defines the three-dimensional shape of the object as a knife. Providing a solid grip and working well as a letter knife, this void sculpture is both a functional part of and a piece of art in the space it occupies.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet4
Line Letter Knife_©Beyond Objects

5. Empty Memory

The two USB sticks in this collection described as ‘jewelry’ by Beyond Objects, signify emptiness. One is a structural void and the other is transparent, both representing empty spaces waiting to be filled by the user. Made from 316 stainless steel and hand-polished, it is brushed in different colors, these sticks are unique and sculptural versions of your standard USB.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet5
Empty Memory – Structure and Transparency – USB Sticks_©Beyond Objects

6. Funno

“Funno’ translates to clout chasing, and this simple yet striking product aims to do just that as it rests on a workstation. A simple clack cylinder polished to a mirror finish with a puncture for a sharpener, this Beyond Object sharper and paperweight invites users to move and touch it, attracting and retaining attention despite its minimal form. 

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet6
Funno Sharpener and Paperweight_©Beyond Objects

7. Penpo

Penpo is a desktop organizer consisting of three tubes. Each one is of a different height, diameter, and material. This creates versatility in the visual and in the function as different objects can be placed in these by convenience. To aid decluttering and prevent objects from sliding, the joints are magnetic and metallic parts of the objects stick easily.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet7
Penpo Desktop Organiser_©Beyond Objects

8. Avani

The candle holder is designed as a simple beveled wireframe that creates different linear patterns when viewed from different angles. This holder can be bought as an individual piece or multiple pieces can be linked to create a larger holder with various iterations allowing various combinations. 

This candle holder, like other products by Beyond Object, is striking, functional, and minimal. It draws attention but also fulfills its simple function.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet8
Avani Candleholder_©Beyond Objects

9. Curvo

Curvo is one of three clocks in the Beyond Object collection. Its name translates from Italian to ‘curved’ in English, significant of its forma curved plane. It easily molds itself into interior spaces, becoming an intrinsic part of them but still seemingly floating on the surface they are set on. The clock can be placed on a wall edge, rounded surface, or shelf. 

It is designed to curve both inward and outward to maximize the number of surfaces or edges it can be placed on, and in different orientations.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet9
Curvo Clock_©Beyond Objects

10. Silo

The Silo is a clock sold as separate pieces and assembled on the wall. A dial and triangular hands are placed on the wall; and off the set of twelve markers, any number can be set up along with the main unit or none at all. 

Once set up, the clock commands attention and is unique in that it acts as a centerpiece and nothing else needs to be added to the wall it is placed on. Simple shapes and lines move through the dayeffortlessly poetic. The precision of this ‘kinetic sculpture’ lies not in the time telling, but the clean lines and movement.

Beyond Object- 10 Iconic Products Sheet10
Silo Wall Clock_©Beyond Objects


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Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in architecture, Ragini has a keen interest in finding stories in everyday ‘mundane’ things.She believes that telling stories through different mediums in art and design help people create connections and understand each other better.