An integral part of everyone’s lives comes, when it’s time to build their own homes. This includes the excitement of procuring materials and fittings for their dream abode. Furniture certainly holds an important part of a new home and homeowners spend months/ years perfecting the furniture and interior and décor. This is where prolific furniture designers come into the picture. 

The ones which are committed to helping their clients find the furniture that suits their needs. One such furniture and home décor company that harnesses designs of nature to create interiors is Kayu Inspirations founded by co-founded by Monica Echavarria Modak and Ritu Vij. Their products have an earthy and welcoming feel. 

The Motto Of The Company

Among the designers working in the furniture space, there are a few mapping out a path for innovative and individual pieces. Their products are sure to give an instant boost to your interiors. 

At Kayu Inspirations, their products are also made of sustainable material movement like stone and wood, which are sought-after options by many customers. They combine great design with a clear conscience to design table centerpieces, flower pots, patio tables, laundry baskets, mantelpieces, candlesticks, chairs, washbasins, statues, etc. 

KAYU furniture and home decor accessories are simple, uncluttered yet rich one-of-a-kind pieces that have imbibed the soul of local Indonesian artisans.

Here are 10 such Products by Kayu Inspirations:

1. Colonial Kayu Chair 

One of their first pieces of furniture is a colonial-style inspired chair. Kayu Inspirations uses wood to give the chair an ergonomic shape. Relaxing on your colonial-style Kayu chair, it’s the perfect way to unwind the long weekend. You can pair it with a cushion to attain maximum comfort.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Colonial Kayu Chair ©

2. Buddha

This piece by Kayu inspirations, is a Buddha statue carved out of a single piece of suar wood. Suar is a non-endangered, fast-growing tropical hardwood (also known as monkeypod tree) or Sono wood which is a large deciduous tree growing to 30–40 m tall, with a trunk up to 2m diameter. 

It is considered to symbolize prosperity and positivity. It is preferred to place this in the east corner of homes as it is considered to be lucky. It is a good piece that can be used as a showpiece or as part of home décor. 

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet2
Buddha ©

3. Flower Vase

This product can be placed anywhere right from the verandah of our house to the cozy corner of the living room. This wooden flower vase made of quality wood is sure to brighten up any interior paired with a bunch of flowers. 

They emphasize simplicity while drawing out elements of modern design. 

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet3
Flower vase ©

4. River Stone Washbasin For The Garden

Kayu inspirations designed this stone wash basin that gives an earthy touch to the interiors. It comes in an asymmetrical shape. The washbasin maintains the natural texture of stone on the outside of the washbasin. 

The inside of the washbasin is smoothened for use. This is perfect for a common wash area or even a bedroom. 

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Stone washbasin ©

5. Stone Chinese Warriors For The Garden

These statues available in 2 sizes make for the perfect garden accessories. They are carved out of stone and feature intrinsic details.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Stone Chinese warriors ©

6. Fish Deco

Carved in teak and beautifully finished this fish décor on a stand can be the perfect centerpiece for a living room or bedroom.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Fish table decor ©

7. Outdoor Chairs

These outdoor chairs in teak wood and rattan add a classy touch to the interior and are a perfect addition to make a house truly feel like a home. They are very comfortable to sit in. 

They have a cross pattern on the back. 

They have an ergonomic design. Most of the wood used by this company has an Indonesian origin. This wood is termite resistant.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Outdoor chairs ©
Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Outdoor chair single ©

8. Wooden Bench

A bench that tells its own story. Made from solid suar wood following its natural form, it is the perfect accessory for visitors or even a garden. 

The textures and patterns of the tree bark can be observed on this product by Kayu Inspirations. It has a unique organically shape which is very interesting.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Bench ©

9. Wooden Wheels

Beautifully carved and painted wooden wheels add a mystic touch to the interiors. They come in 2 shapes. They are covered in intrinsic details and patterns.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet10
Wooden wheels room decor ©

10. Baskets For Plants Or Laundry

Rattan and bamboo baskets can be altered to be used as planters or laundry. The emphasis is on simple yet modern furniture. This is a sustainable option. They are aesthetic and very easy to carry and it is not heavy.

Kayu Inspirations- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet11
Baskets for laundry or planters©

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