IDEO is a global design firm with offices dispersed around the world. Ascending in reputation with its design for the first manufacturable Apple Mouse, IDEO has grown over the years to become one of the leading design firms in the world. Approaching design with a human-centered modus operandi, the firm conscientiously delves into human needs to create products that cater to the same. The multidisciplinary firm keeps all of its products in tandem with advancing technology, to make full use of all the opportunities provided by scientific research and progress. Listed below are 10 products designed by IDEO:

1. Leed Dynamic Plaque For U.S. Green Building Council | Ideo

The LEED Dynamic Plaque shows energy consumption of a building Source:
The LEED Dynamic Plaque Source: ©
The LEED Dynamic Plaque Source: ©

With all construction and design activities in the world taking on an informed and environmentally helpful approach, the U.S Green Building Council needed a gadget that could interactively display and communicate the environmental performance of a building. This was an attempt to bring greater awareness to all users of their building’s contribution to environmental preservation. USGBC turned to IDEO to materialize their vision and idea. The Plaque thus conveys real-time information about building performance starting from energy consumption to waste disposal. Intended to be installed in building lobbies to avail anyone interested, of the information, the Plaque is also a Certificate of a kind, rating a building and its impact on a larger scale.

2. The Future Kitchen For Ikea

The Multifunctional Table Source: ©
The Shelves and Sink Source: ©
Storage Containers Source: ©

IKEA, with its constant exploration of a better design for residences and general furniture, came up with an initiative to design the Kitchen of the Future. Collaborating with IDEO, they produced a prototype kitchen which addressed present human behavior with food and wastage and predicted the relationship between food and people in the year 2025.

Equipped with technology, IDEO, and IKEA’s prototype of the kitchen included a Table-top, Food Storage Shelves, A sink connected to a compost area, and a segregated garbage disposal system. The table was designed to hold a camera connected to the internet over it, enabling the users to receive help with planning food and recipes with raw materials available at hand, via camera projections. The table also consists of an induction stove that can heat food placed on it. The Sink is a pivoting container that can be swung to one side to use semi-clean greywater for the dishwasher or swung the other way to dispose of the dirty water into a composting unit. Colour-coded slots segregate garbage providing for a clear and organized method of waste disposal. The best part about the kitchen is the Storage shelving system. This system makes use of induction cooling to refrigerate food in transparent containers on open shelves. This brings a completely new dynamic into the food storage habits that have been commonly utilized to date. The clear containers keep left-overs in plain sight, motivating the users to use it instead of squirreling it away into the corners of a refrigerator.

This Kitchen prototype thus is a reflection of the social and technological facets of the kitchen that could pronounce a leap into the future.

3. Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard 

The Levi’s Jacket Source: ©
The snap tag on the jacket’s sleeve Source: ©
A connected app lets you customise gestures and actions Source: ©

A three-tiered collaboration between Google, Levi’s, and IDEO resulted in the production of the Commuter Trucker Jacket. The jacket was envisioned to resolve and simplify common issues during daily travel. With simple gestures that are fed into an app called Jacquard connected to a Snap-Tag attached to the jacket, this modern and futuristic outerwear helps the user with navigation, communication, and music. This innovation is a move towards minimizing gadget use during a commute, a risky action habituated by the people due to a lack of better options. IDEO focused on designing the industrial design of the electronics integrated into the snap-tag and the connector, while also designing the overall aesthetics of the same. It was also involved in configuring gestures that allow the user to interact with the fabric of the jacket. The resultant product was a fashionable technological statement, a jacket that was also a tool.

4. Baby Food Packaging For Plum Organics

Freshness tracker and a depression to rest a spoon Source: ©
Colourful lids for the containers Source: ©
Baby food Packaging in transparent containers Source: ©

Digressing from their usual pouch-based packaging for baby food, Plum Organics worked with IDEO to produce Container-based Packaging that would display the organic food inside it. The design had to ensure aesthetics and function, especially as a ready-to-eat food for babies with parents on the go. The colours used for the various flavours were bright and eye-grabbing. The actual bowl-shaped container was made transparent to allow the customers to view the food. The colourful lid of the bowl has a circular indentation with the logo of the company that can be used as a dock to place the spoon. The lid was designed to also have a freshness tracker. The user can twist the lid to correspond with the day they bought the food to prevent throwing away perfectly good food. The indentation on the lid also helps for the stacking of multiple containers without the risk of them toppling. Overall, IDEO managed to make a simple and economical design based on common grievances from parents, staying true to their human-based design approach

5. Simplisafe Security System | Ideo

The various components of the Security system Source: ©
The Video Doorbell Source: ©
Hardware Prototypes by IDEO Source: ©

IDEO redefined traditional security systems to create devices that instilled a sense of comfort and security in users with upcoming technology and developments. Sleek minimal appearance gives a neat and finished quality product. The interface of the Security system has been refined by the firm. The products were designed to be sleek, unobtrusive, and easy to use with an arsenal of sensors for various security measures. A Smart home base acts as the brains of the system and also voices out steps for installation and other audio feedback. The system thus integrates and camouflages into the general house interiors, acting as an invisible guard against any harm.  

6. The Wearable Breast Pimp For Willow

Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
The components of the Breast Pump snap together to form a whole Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Willow Breast Pumps are designed for comfort Source: ©

Willow worked with IDEO to create the first-ever all-in-one Wearable Breast Pump. The design firm involved itself in the industrial design of the pump including its colour, shape, size, maintenance, usage, and user experience. The breast pump was intended to be a discrete and mobile instrument unlike the normal breast pumps and their looping cords. The product was thus engineered to discard all the pipes and bottles, bringing forth a product that could fit inside a bra. The components of the pump can be separated from each other and put back together with extreme ease. Thus, the Wearable Breast Pump is a product most convenient for mothers and their comfort while giving the same nourishment to their babies.  

7. B2b Vertical Farm Units For Infarm

Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Vertical Farm Module Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Vertical Farming Units Source: ©

The Urban sectors in the world are now gradually embracing sustainable food practices, growing their own food and crops. But with a lack of extensive cultivable land, the urban farmers need alternative farming techniques.

Infarm, an established company immersed in providing such alternatives turned to IDEO for a new version of Vertical Farming. These B2B Vertical Farm systems were designed as modules, with internal climate-control for optimal growth and health of the plants inside. The stackable trays make it convenient to a varied customer base and the growth trays can grow up to 4-6 mature plants every day. An app controls the internal climate of the module while also dispensing information on the plants and how to use/cook them. This product is an urban need for fresh, locally grown produce.

8. Pillpack

Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Pillpack Products Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Pillpack Dispenser Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Pillpack Dispensers in different colours Source:©

Pillpack, an online pharmacy needed to improve and revolutionise their delivery systems for medications. In order to design an organised home-delivery system that was convenient to use for all users, the company turned to IDEO. The design was such that, pills as per prescriptions were packed into neat packets that were then filled into a sleek dispenser.

The products also extended to include travel pouches. This dispenser would then be delivered to homes, ready to use. This no fuss system has slowly overshadowed the tacky day-of-the-week organisers that are traditionally used; replaced by a smart product that helps the users live simply and healthily.

9. Infinite Aura Chandelier For Swarovski

Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
The Infinite Aura Chandelier by Swarovski Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Customisable Lighting with the app Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
The Infinite Aura Chandelier by Swarovski Source: ©

The Infinite Aura Chandelier designed by IDEO for Swarovski is a synergy of the modern design approach of the former and esteemed craftsmanship of the latter. Renowned through the ages for their dazzling crystal chandeliers, Swarovski turned to IDEO for a chandelier of the future.

Incorporating technology to create an immersive user experience while retaining the shimmering glamour of Swarovski’s distinctive designs, the design firm created the Infinite Aura. The chandelier at first glance resembles a disc, but when switched on, one can see an endless vortex of shimmering crystals inside of it. The lighting quality, colour, and intensity can be modified by the Infinite Control app to suit various activities and ambiances needed throughout the day. The Infinite Aura Chandelier is thus an amalgamation of delicate ornamentation with advancing technology to provide a beautiful experience for its users.

10. Baton For Sog | Ideo

Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
The Four new Multi-tools Source: ©
Ideo- 10 Iconic Products
Design Prototypes for Baton Source: ©

Multi-functional tools or Multi-tools have always been a convenient assortment of helpful products sized down into one compact and portable instrument. But, while most singular cutting tools have undergone considerable change throughout the years, these multi-tools have stayed the same. SOG, a company established in the specialty-knife industry, wanted to better these traditional products. IDEO thus came out with a family of four new multi-tools. The bulkiness of the traditional multi-tools was replaced with elegant lines. This new tool coined as Baton incorporated features like bottle-openers, pens, pliers, and flashlights into a slim, handy, and portable design. This makes the product travel-friendly and its intuitive design makes it very easy and safe to use.


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