“We design experiences”
-Studio O+A

Studio O+A is based in San Francisco, California. A group of enthusiastic and passionate designers who deal majorly with space making projects for offices. They believe that everyone has a story to tell and their workspaces are well suited as the narrators. They use the process of ‘bespoke design’, where they first get the technical and spatial requirements of the project and also spend some time to know the people who are going to be using the spaces and amalgamate it into the very basis of the design program. Their product designs are no different. 

Following is a list of ten product designs by Studio O+A

1. Canopy      

Canopy - Sheet1
Working on the Kimball Canopy ©Garret Rowland

Year: 2017 

Primo Orpilla of O+A Studio had been thinking about the ideal work desk design for almost 25 years. So when Kimball Office approached with the opportunity to Primo, he got the chance to realise his idea. The design recognises the fact that work is dependent on people’s mood, the nature of the project and also on how it has progressed in the day. The design allows reconfigurations to suit the different functions- private workstation, standing work table, miniature huddle space.   

Canopy - Sheet2
The Canopy work-desk at the Kimball Office © Garret Rowland
Canopy - Sheet3
Kimball Canopy- Shaped by use © Garret Rowland
Canopy - Sheet4
The Kimball Canopy- What do you want to see when you work (or maybe, when you don’t?) © Garret Rowland
Canopy - Sheet5
The Kimbell Canopy- The Work Desk © Garret Rowland

2. Ideapaint Pop-Up

Ideapaint Pop-Up - Sheet1
Ideapaint Walls exhibited at Chicago Merchandise Mart © Jasper Sanidad

Year: 2016

Ideapaint is a concept which triggers the child in you who wants to write on all the walls and make them his own. Ideapaint, in partnership with Happier Camper, developed writable surfaces which would suit any setting- mountain campus or a dense cityscape-into which this office on the go might roll. Wherever you place it, the adjustable whiteboards turned the sites into conference rooms, where one seemed to be writing not just on the walls but the open air.  

Ideapaint Pop-Up - Sheet2
IdeaPaint Pop-Up surface at NeoCon 2016 © Jasper Sanidad
Ideapaint Pop-Up - Sheet3
IdeaPaint Pop-Up surface makes workspace anywhere © Jasper Sanidad
Ideapaint Pop-Up - Sheet4
IdeaPaint Pop-Up © Jasper Sanidad

3. Wearable Workspace

Wearable Workspace - Sheet1
Wearable Workplace: your office hung on your shoulders ©

Year: 2017

Designed in collaboration with Mafia Bags of San Francisco, this product was exhibited at the annual furniture exposition at Milan. Its name clearly suggests its function- a prosthetic vest that converts a person into a mobile workstation.  The product identifies the various postures one assumes while working, every day- sitting, standing, moving or reclining.

Wearable Workspace - Sheet2
Wearable Workplace: working on the go © Lorenza Mercuri
Wearable Workspace - Sheet3
Wearable Workplace: mobile office in a vest © Lorenza Mercuri

4. Blend Workstations

Blend Workstations - Sheet1
Blend Workstations: Raw steel frame, top, pedestal, cabinets  ©

Year: 2019

Co-Designed by DFM Furniture, the blend workstations, the Blend workstation series has unexpected materiality. It identifies the need for connected yet separated work desks in an office. The designers agree that they are unconventional, but they are beautiful- in the way they divide the people, bring about utility, elegant and humble- much like home. 

Blend Workstations - Sheet2
Blend Workstations: Golden Gate red powder coated frame, top in walnut butcher block, pedestal in white acrylic. ©
Blend Workstations - Sheet3
Blend Workstations: Black powder coated frame, top and pedestal in white acrylic. ©

5. Reception Desk for Blend Labs

Reception Desk for Blend Labs - Sheet1
The Reception Desk- Stone, Steel and Wood ©

Year: 2017

Blend needed an office which conveyed the dexterity of their new approach to the field of financial services. Working with Uhuru design, Studio O+A designed a custom reception desk for their Interior Designing project at Blend Labs, as a twist to urhu’s waterline table.  The desk features a strikingly seamless blend of hard and soft- stone against wood, steel and bronze. 

Reception Desk for Blend Labs - Sheet2
The Reception Desk- Wood, steel and Bronze ©
Reception Desk for Blend Labs - Sheet3
Image 18 – The Reception Desk at Blend Labs ©

6. Light Fixture for Abaca

Light Fixture for Abaca - Sheet1
The fixture hung from the ceiling at Abca Image 19 – The fixture hung from the ceiling at Abca ©

Year: 2017

Abaca is a plant that produces the fibre that is used to make rope. It started off in 1856 as the Tubbs Cordage Company. Studio O+A designed a custom pendant woven from abaca fibres and turned it into a light fixture which hangs from the ceiling of their project at Abaca. The lighting was in collaboration with Brendan Ravenhill Studio. 

Light Fixture for Abaca2
The custom pendant mockup ©
Light Fixture for Abaca3
The lighting fixture for Abaca  ©

7. Holiday Playing Cards

Holiday Playing Cards - Sheet1
Holiday Cards- the pack ©

Year: 2016

Studio O+A don’t just dwell with office space or furniture- they also design for fun! To get into the holiday spirit they designed a series of custom playing cards, all 4 suits of which are designed by different graphic designers for their 25 year anniversary. 

Holiday Playing Cards - Sheet2
Holiday cards- the cards ©
Holiday Playing Cards - Sheet3
Holiday cards- playing with the cards ©

8. Reception Desk at Giant Pixels

Reception Desk at Giant Pixels - Sheet1
The Desk and the Chandelier ©

Year: 2013

Alan Baverman always sought satisfaction which was quite unbecoming in all the office spaces he worked in- be it as an employee, a co-founder or an investor. So when he started Giant Pixels, he got the opportunity to realise his dream office. 

The reception desk at the Giant Pixels office is made as a sweeping structure of concrete under a chandelier composed of desk lamps. Its seamless white finish makes it feel as if it emerged from the wall that it supports. 

Reception Desk at Giant Pixels - Sheet2
Image 26 – The reception at Giant Pixel ©
Reception Desk at Giant Pixels - Sheet3
Image 27 – Working at the Giant Pixel ©

9. Baggu Bags

Baggu Bags -Sheet1
‘Baggu’ Tote bags- deconstructing the logo ©

Year: 2017

To continue with their tradition of designing holiday ‘cards’, Studio O+A with Nervy Designs created a custom tote bag by deconstructing the logo of the studio. The design transforms the seasonal Christmas gifts into something unique- in terms of design and in terms of aesthetics as it chooses to do away with the traditional red and green theme of Christmas. 

Baggu Bags -Sheet2
‘Baggu’ Tote Bags ©
Baggu Bags -Sheet3
How the bags fold up to become gifts ©

10. Cardboard Shelf for Pretendstore

Cardboard Shelf for Pretendstore Sheet1
Cardboard Shelf ©Becca Barnet

Year: 2013

The Cardboard Shelf is a simple design idea of a custom shelf made of cardboard compartments for the Pretend Store by Fuzzco. The design features a cardboard working station as well.    

Cardboard Shelf for Pretendstore Sheet2
Cardboard Shelf © Becca Barnet
Cardboard Shelf for Pretendstore Sheet3
Cardboard Shelf © Becca Barnet

Pursuing his bachelors’ degree of architecture, he is still exploring whatis it exactly that draws him to it. He believes that every story is worth knowing and wants to exchange them with the world irrespective of the form- brush strokes, words, musical notes or bricks and mortar.