Whether you possess a passion for design and are curious about product design procedures, or you’re a designer in search of motivation, you’ve likely pondered over the creative journey undertaken by designers to develop their products and the factors contributing to their success. In today’s world, online magazines have emerged as a significant resource for various industries, including product design. These reputable online magazines not only elucidate the intricacies of design processes but also serve as a wellspring of inspiration and support for designers.


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Designboom, hailed as the pioneer and widely acclaimed digital architecture and design magazine globally, boasts a rich legacy of experience. Over time, it has amassed an impressive readership of more than 4 million and an extensive collection of 45,000 articles. The platform offers its readers convenient access to a plethora of content, including interviews, exhibition reviews, and historical retrospectives. Moreover, Designboom has evolved beyond being merely an online magazine, transforming into a dynamic platform that empowers designers to showcase and market their products through both online channels and physical spaces at international trade fairs across the globe.


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Core77 is an internet-based design magazine committed to the exploration and promotion of industrial design. It plays a vital role as an educational asset for students, professionals, and enthusiasts within the industrial design sphere. The platform not only provides valuable insights and information but also serves as a hub for essays and reports that encompass the broader realm of design. Whether one seeks to learn, practice, or simply admire design, Core77 offers a comprehensive and engaging space to cater to the needs of various design stakeholders.


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Yanko Design is an online magazine that started as a blog in 2002, focused on student work, and evolved into a global publishing company with a passion for showcasing exceptional international product design. Emphasizing innovation and uniqueness, Yanko Design looks to the future. YD Select, an extension of the magazine, goes beyond a conventional store, serving as a worldwide platform to highlight the creative excellence of designers at all levels. Meticulously curated by experienced experts, the store offers ingenious solutions designed to enhance lives through unforgettable designs, bringing joy and beauty to homes and daily experiences.


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FRAME magazine, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, focuses on interior design, architecture, product design, and exhibition design. It made its debut in 1997 under the stewardship of Frame Publishers and continues to produce around six issues annually. The esteemed founder, Robert Thiemann, also holds the role of editor-in-chief, guiding the magazine’s direction and content.


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Dezeen is a globally acclaimed and influential magazine that focuses on architecture, interiors, and design. With an extensive monthly readership of over three million and an impressive social media following of six million, it has solidified its position as a leading and impactful platform in the industry. Its popularity and reach are a testament to its authority and appeal, drawing in a diverse audience of design enthusiasts, professionals, and creatives from around the world. As a driving force in shaping design discourse and trends, Dezeen continues to maintain its status as a renowned and influential source for architecture and design inspiration on a global scale.


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Azure is a prominent media brand centered around architecture and design, with its headquarters based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Described as a crucial and esteemed resource, it caters to architects, designers, and design enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1985 by Nelda Rodger and Sergio Sgaramella, Azure has emerged as a go-to platform for staying informed and inspired within the realm of design and architecture.


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Wallpaper, known by its stylized name Wallpaper*, is a magazine dedicated to design and architecture, fashion, travel, art, and lifestyle. Founded in London in 1996 by Canadian journalist Tyler Brûlé and Austrian journalist Alexander Geringer, the publication has since become a leading authority in its field. After its acquisition by Future plc, Wallpaper continues to flourish as a prestigious and influential magazine.


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Architectural Digest is a dynamic monthly magazine that celebrates the achievements of international design talents, innovative homes, and products, as well as inspiring decorating ideas, culture, and travel. Originally launched in 1920 as a California trade quarterly, the magazine has since grown in frequency and scope, ultimately becoming synonymous with a high-quality lifestyle. At present, Architectural Digest publishes nine international editions and holds an immeasurable influence within the interior design world. 


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Dwell magazine is a well-known publication that focuses on modern design and architecture. Established in 2000 by Lara Hedberg Deam, it has gained recognition as a prominent source for innovative homes and pioneering designs. The magazine’s content showcases sustainable and inspiring living spaces, offering a mix of architecture, interior design, and lifestyle content. Emphasizing minimalism, functionality, and aesthetics, Dwell caters to design enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals alike. With a worldwide readership and a dedication to promoting eco-friendly solutions, Dwell remains a reliable and sought-after resource for individuals seeking contemporary design inspiration and valuable insights.



Architectural Record magazine is a prestigious publication that centers on architecture and design. Established in 1891, it boasts an impressive 130-year history and has earned a prominent reputation within the industry. The magazine delivers comprehensive coverage of groundbreaking projects, advanced technologies, and global design trends. It is a valuable asset for architects, designers, and construction professionals, providing them with enlightening articles, interviews, and critical analyses. Architectural Record’s primary objective is to ignite inspiration, disseminate information, and foster constructive conversations within the architectural community. As a result, it has become an essential read for anyone involved in the realms of architecture and design.


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