Rosha, a distinguished name in the world of luxury lighting, is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece, the Elixir Lamp. This enchanting creation redefines the art of lighting, seamlessly combining form and function to create a captivating addition to your living space.

Project Name: Elixir Lamp
Studio Name: Rosha

lixir lamp by Rosha - Sheet2

The Elixir Lamp is truly a marvel that lives up to its name. With an umbrella-like canopy that diffuses soft, magical light, this lamp effortlessly transforms your surroundings into an enchanting space. Its exceptional blend of functionality and aesthetics sets it apart, making it a true standout among lighting options.

The Elixir Lamp impressively combines wireless functionality, freeing you from the limitations of cords and outlets, providing the freedom to place it wherever you like. Its lightweight and ergonomic handle ensure effortless portability, making it a versatile lighting solution for various settings. What’s more, it’s eco-conscious and rechargeable, offering up to 12 hours of continuous illumination on a single charge, aligning perfectly with modern, environmentally aware lifestyles.

lixir lamp by Rosha - Sheet3

The Elixir Gold Lamp by Rosha is not just a lighting fixture; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting products that redefine the intersection of luxury and convenience. With its enchanting design, wireless functionality, portability, rechargeable power, and ambient lighting options, the Elixir Gold Lamp is poised to become the centerpiece of sophistication in homes, offices, and interior design projects.

About Rosha

Rosha is your one-stop destination for timeless designs and high-end lamps that perfectly embody the essence of luxury and elegance. They offer a wide range of lamps that are battery operated and curated with lightweight materials, aluminum alloy, clear crystal and steel, making them durable and stylish. Their designs evolve from a deep understanding of their client’s requirements, the kind of spaces they inhabit, and their need to express themselves with modern aesthetics. As a result, Rosha lamps embody excellent designs and quality, allowing you to evoke emotions through light.


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