Award-winning architectural bureau Babayants Architects has designed a unique and immersive stand for the Best Interior Festival 2023 held in Moscow. The concept of the BABAYANTS stand invites everybody to be inside the head of a creator.

Project Name: Innovative and immersive stand
Studio Name: Babayants Architects

Innovative and immersive stand by Babayants Architects - Sheet4
©Babayants Architects

Architects exist in several realities. One is in the head where images and shapes are born. The second one is in a 3D world where the projects take their shape, appearance, and character. The third one is in reality where architects talk to people and build their projects.

Innovative and immersive stand by Babayants Architects - Sheet7
©Babayants Architects

The soft module – the Alkaris sofa with funny yet resilient and comfortable backs – became a hot spot attracting the guests and making them interact with. The next one is a colorful curtain screen. Together with lighting and caustic, it symbolizes the idea world of an architect.

Innovative and immersive stand by Babayants Architects - Sheet9
©Babayants Architects

Babayants Architects show the parallels and intersections of different realities with the help of fantastic forms and the play of light. Architects materialized the value of creation: a magic process of the ideas’ embodiment into reality. This is an act of admiration of the young generation of architects to bring something new each day, in each project freely.


BABAYANTS ARCHITECTS have been working and researching contemporary architecture, interior, and design for 9 years. People call them the main minimalists of Moscow, but for them, minimalism is not only an artistic language or a style but a way of perceiving the world and its beauty. It’s when there is only a place for the essentials. BABAYANTS ARCHITECTS design not interior or an object but sensual experience and emotions.


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