The festive season brings with it a unique charm and enthusiasm to the act of decorating one’s home. Old things are discarded, and fresh, new ones replace them. Celebrations happen each year, but what makes them even more special is how they are celebrated. This year, you can observe auspicious times along with the goodness of sustainable adornments. Beautify your home while taking care of the earth with ellementry’s new ecomix and terracotta lineups: Sarafay, Aamay, and Siyah.

Project Name: Shine with a sustainable spark
Studio Name: Ellementry

Shine with a sustainable spark by Ellementry - Sheet6

About the Collections:


The Sarafay collection is handcrafted from ecomix material. It is not just an eco-friendly lineup but also a fine example of craftsmanship. Each ware comes with a distressed white finish that has an antique appeal. Their unique designs and fabrics, such as jute and cane, adorning some of the pieces exude a Mediterranean-like charm. The soft cream hue also makes them easily blend into various interior themes. They will bring a touch of warmth and style to your living, dining, and bedroom spaces too.

This collection includes four vases, two elephant sculptures, three lamps with shades, and a wall decor.


The peace, calmness, and serenity of the sky after it rains have inspired the crafting of the Aamay range. It is made from terracotta and has been hand-painted with eggshell-white leaves on a soothing blue backdrop. A beautiful union of the earth and the sky is manifested in each of these pieces.

This collection includes two vases and a lamp with shade.

Shine with a sustainable spark by Ellementry - Sheet8


This gorgeous terracotta lamp with shade is an attractive piece to have in your home. It comes in an ever-so-stylish black hue with striking white stripes wrapping around its base.


About the Brand

ellementry is a lifestyle brand that has transformed many homes with its unique aesthetics, inspired by the elements. Specializing in simple luxury through handcrafted exclusivity, ellementry comes from a three-decade-long legacy of wowing the world with its exquisite and inspiring product range. It is the retail offshoot of Dileep Industries that has won many awards and accolades for exporting high-quality products to international brands.

With the belief that basic fundamentals of good living and design are as elementary as the unison of form and function, the brand focuses on the nitty-gritties. Their creations are contemporary, timeless and are born out of responsible processes based on the six pillars: Handmade – by artists and craftspeople; Fusion – of beauty and utility, materials and finishes; Sustainable ¬ from ideas to end product; Form & Function – the products look just as good as they do good; Culture Revival – reimagining through traditions; Food Safe – international standard materials and finishes.


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