Project Name: Essentia
Architect Name: Studio Thesia Progetti
Category: Product Design

2910 Essentia By Studio Thesia Progetti - Sheet1

2910 Essentia By Studio Thesia Progetti - Sheet2

2910 Essentia By Studio Thesia Progetti - Sheet4

Studio Thesia Progetti

Thesia Progetti is an architecture and engineering studio based in Padova
(Italy), that was established trough the collaboration between Mino Bressan
and Donatella Santangelo in 1977.

Deal with the furnishing sector, illumination technologies and mechanical
products development.Thesia Progetti enters completely the product design
for Cattelan Italia.

characterize each project STP has been involved with since the very
beginning of its history.Research for new materials and new sustainable strategies are concepts deeply entrenched in the studio?s philosophy.

Nowadays designing a product means considering its entire life cycle, from environmental implications into account.This is Mino Bressan’s philosophy and the base concept of all his studio’s collaboration system which gives space to fresh and young ideas, Thesia architectural and design sustainability:


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