Masquespacio, the renowned design studio led by Ana Hernández and Christophe Penasse, is excited to announce their collaboration with artisan Maora Ceramic to launch a captivating new ceramic collection. The collection, named “Maora Collection,” showcases the unique blend of nature-inspired designs and expert craftsmanship.

Project Name: Maora Ceramic
Studio Name: Masquespacio
Client: Maora Ceramic

Maora Ceramic by Masquespacio-Sheet1

The collection designed by Masquespacio starts with the creation of an artwork comprising 26 individual ceramic pieces with contrasting colors and forms. The design approach for this artwork was to create a composition freely without any background inspiration, allowing Ana’s mind to tap into her unconsciousness and bring forth a creation that works as an experimental and artistic approach. Showcased as a wall art it can also be used to create an infinite flooring or wall covering option.

Maora Ceramic by Masquespacio-Sheet4

The second item in the collection follows the same design technique to create freely without any previous inspiration. In this case a 20 x 20 cm format of tiles was reinvented with 6 organic lines that create a mesmerizing pattern within it. The tile thus is applied on walls, floorings as well as tables and pots showing its endless possibilities.

Maora Ceramic by Masquespacio-Sheet8

Last but not least, as a supplementary experiment, a handful of petite flower pots were crafted to explore the possibility of applying the same subconscious methodology to a smaller scale object. This endeavor aimed to focus not solely on the intricate engravings but also on the object itself.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Maora Ceramic on this remarkable collection,” says Ana Hernández, Co-founder of Masquespacio. “The Maora Collection aims to connect with nature while showcasing the exceptional skills of Maora Ceramic as an artisan. It is definitely a celebration of craftsmanship and the beauty that lies within handmade custom-made creations.”

Maora Ceramic by Masquespacio-Sheet10

The partnership between Maora Ceramic and Masquespacio stems from a longstanding collaboration between the Valencian artisan and their involvement in Masquespacio’s interior design projects. Thus, the Maora collection is the result of the strong bond between Maora Ceramic’s founder, Amparo, and Masquespacio’s creative director, Ana.

The collection will be available directly through Masquespacio.


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