Well, the hours can be productive only when the employees treat their office space as their own space. A space that provides them freedom and flexibility. And such a flexible space can only be achieved when there is less clutter around them.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project NameTejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors
Architecture FirmMyspace Architects
Design + Build : Myspace Architects + MMPS
Website: www.myspacearchitects.com
Execution Credits – MM Projects & Services
Office Website – myspacearchitects.com
Completion Year – December 2018
Net Carpet Area –10250 sq. ft.
Project Location – DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana
Other Technical Info
Client – Tejas Networks
Budget –Rs. 2 Crore
Lead Architect – Ar. Rijul Nayal
Team – Ar. Dona Alex, Jr. Ar. Danny C. Mathew, Ar. Alex Joseph
• MEP – Powerplanet Engineering services, Delhi, India/ Er. Rajshekar Koneru
Glass – Saint Gobain
• Other Tiles – Orient Bell, Kajaria Eternity
• Interior Furniture – MM Projects & Services

Tejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors By Myspace ArchitectsProductivity takes place when everything is distributed in a balanced manner, not just the work but the emotions as well which is achieved when more of interaction takes place among the employees. So a space which is both open and provides the employees their own space is a medium which provides personal and professional growth. Aside from interaction, ventilation boosts the productivity of the overall space, whether its air ventilation, natural light or the introduction of green within the space. These are the elements which should be considered now while designing office interiors.

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Tejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors By Myspace ArchitectsOffice spaces now should not only define work, but should also a set a benchmark in itself to give a new definition of fun. By not just providing cabins and cubicles but by providing breakout zones, gaming areas should be focused on as well. It’s a proven fact that sports enhances the mind growth and relaxes it. So by providing such zones like maybe a snooker table can bring in a lot of positivity to the space. The overall definition of the ambience needs to change for offices now. The mentality of an employee towards office spaces should not be just visualizing work but also a place where he can express himself in the best possible ways.

Tejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors By Myspace ArchitectsOur concept is derived very simply as simplest solutions are most often the right one. The colour scheme we took is extracted from the logo of the company, and then we played with the grades in similar tone to work out well and be in harmony with each other. About the workstation the write-up and pinup panel is designed such that two adjacent people can even interact during pressure work. Since it is networking company the patterns inside are strongly derived on similar lines.

Talking about unique features, it comes to design while detailing out furniture, if observed carefully all the metal sections used to put all the furniture together is sleek triangular sections. We had fun with playing in triangular lines, likewise inside cabin in case of sole modesty panel onto the table we made a composition of triangles and then CNC them out. Since everything we planned in three-cornered the grooves given to pull out storages and drawer can be observed in resemblance. Inside reception the lights were customized too, all are drop lights of different sizes and scale which responds very reasonable to the people waiting on the zone.

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Tejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors By Myspace ArchitectsThe office spaces have seen growth in a tremendous way. They have become more transparent, more open, more exposed and clutter-free. Corporate offices from being monotonous spaces with no personal life have changed to liveable spaces full of life and growth. And these changes have been only achieved by giving the freedom of space to the employees. Natural light, air ventilation, full glazed exterior walls bring openness inside enhances the psychology of the employees. Such things bring openness and relaxation to the mind and also give a feel of an open world to them. Providing breakout zones, gaming areas are ways where they can release their negative emotions and come back to life with motivation to work.

Tejas Networks Corporate Office Interiors By Myspace Architects

Principal Architects:

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Alex Joseph & Dona Alex

The young energetic architect couple leading the multifaceted practice in two verticals: architecture & interior design.  They have projects pan–India and are specialized in designer homes, resorts, institutional campuses, commercial buildings, auditoriums, & corporate offices.

Myspace Architects is a dynamic, design-driven studio focused on delivering the unique, functional and affordable solution. Since their inception in 2013, they have been collaborated across various disciplines and industries to bring buildings and infrastructure projects to life, winning several awards /recognitions across national & international platforms.

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With an approach that is distinctly contemporary yet comfortingly familiar, they have made their niche in the market.  They enjoy tinkering with texture, color, light, and mass to bring what they call “aesthetically functional spaces”.  Ultimately, they perceive every design as an evolution of an idea, for which their greatest inspiration is their own clients!


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022