Survival of the fittest – It all started around a gazillion years ago with the big bang, when everything in this universe was condensed into an infinitesimally small singularity, a point of infinite denseness and heat. Suddenly an explosive expansion began, ballooning our universe outwards faster than the speed of light; this is how we came into existence. Our species got advanced from time to time, starting from Australopithecus, our origin species, followed by Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, and so on; we ended up becoming wise men/Homo sapiens, but on the contrary, architecture existed way beyond that. We live in a phantasmagorical world that bewitches us with its marvels now and then, so what if we imagine our life without architecture just this once? Well, according to me, it is quite an impossible thing to happen.

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“Architecture is the frame of human existence.We must dedicate this existence more to beauty. For if poetic principle has deserted us, how long are we going to last?”- Frank Lloyd Wright_©
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“The mother art is architecture.Without an architecture of our we have no soul of our own civilization.”  _©×1200/20121027/human%20evolution%20apes%201920×1200%20wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_7.jpg

Architecture, or in simple terms spatial arrangement originated when a man came up with the theory of Survival of the fittest; early man used to have a hunter lifestyle, and in hand came the sense of security and necessity to live in extreme climatic conditions, Early man is the key to these inventions as they understood how important it is to safeguard themselves moreover their species to exist on this planet and could have only been possible with the shelter they developed by using natural resources derived from mother earth to run their daily lives whether it was for safekeeping of food they gathered, hiding from enemies or safeguarding their dear ones.

Phantasmagorical and Inspiring World | Survival of the fittest

It’s quite enthralling to know how things have changed within the period, our encephalon developed a lot which leads to many flamboyant creations, nature being our par inspiration it’s not about only one species getting advance, it’s true we stand first on the pyramid of the hierarchy only because of our intellects and our ability to communicate better than the other animals around, but we somehow got inspired by their creation ranging from anthill to baya weaver’s nests, coral reefs and what not hence the concepts of biomimicry and biomorphism exists.

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Anthill – “ Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials,methods, and men, to put man into possession of his own Earth.” – F.L. Wright_©
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Baya weaver’s nests_©, Survival of the fittest

Individualism and Co-existing humankind 

Imagine living in a world with no personal space nor a home to be called; the thought itself seems quite daunting; also, we are often told about the fact that an individual learns from their past; what if that never existed? We would have never been able to keep records of our creations or their mistakes; architecture is an expression of our profound history, whether it’s keeping tabs on our ancient languages, relics, culture, heritage, occupation, identity, etc. We all are well aware of our mortality, but we still have an urge to be eternal; the only possible way to do so is to create. We bring our ideas to life through architecture, and our mere existence relies on it not only physically but mentally; humanity leaves immortal echoes through its history using language, art, knowledge, and hence the outcome of architecture ranging from pyramids to tombs of the emperors in other terms we are following the path of our ancestors as our world advancement and future generation rely on it.

Architecture is the connecting dots for the human race, whether it’s our past or present, our faith in a supernatural power, or our beliefs stating that who would have thought of a place for worshiping a high power ranging from those gigantic Egyptian temples to grand majestic temples, mosques of this modern era, these structure reflects our society and civilizations representing our culture, faith, and identity. Architecture comes with unfolded layers to it; it’s not about just building structures all over the land but understanding the need of the hour to fulfill the necessary demands of the habitant to accomplish the sense of comfort and safety; also, another layer to it expresses our real selves it’s the play of conscious and subconscious. It eradicates the difficulty in one’s life and the advancement made to operate this system of living and puts the world together, creating a bridge between ideas, concepts, and realism. In simple words, it’s the driving force that organizes our lives.

“ Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”- Frank Gehry_©, Survival of the fittest

As far as the current situation is concerned, the meaning of life is enhanced by the practice of architecture as it helps to maintain our life balance in extreme conditions and infuses it with purpose; it provokes our inner artistic yet innovative minds to give solutions to our problems.

As we all know, the emerging mental health problem is the paradigm of how architecture helps with the psychological functioning of individuals; our overall mood depends on the space we reside in, whether its a hospital, fancy restaurant or cafe, aesthetically appealing resort anything and everything infuses thoughts in our minds that reflects our conduct towards the society. Ranging from the times of caves to these huge skyscrapers, life has evolved, and so did the architectural practices; in conclusion architecture is more of like a solution to the problems that every generation of humankind has experienced; it helped us not only maintain our individuality but co-existing with fellow humans while thriving and providing a structure for humans to grow in relationships, 

monetarily and various aspects of social life. The construction has not just been of the structures but of the society as a whole.

 “Architecture is the very mirror of life.You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society.” – I.M. PEI