As some of you might relate, I was also an engineering aspiring kid turned into an architecture student. Although I knew engineering is not my cup of tea yet what else should a PCM student prepare for, right? However, getting admission to an NIT and that too in my hometown was good enough of a reason for my parents to let me choose architecture. You might have heard people saying compromise with the branch for a better college. (Reliving your admission time right now, isn’t it?) 

However, it was not a compromise for me. I always had a thing for creativity right from my very childhood, whether it be creating buildings with matchboxes or collecting pictures of the amazing buildings from the magazines. So my parents were happy because of me staying in my hometown and I was excited to study architecture (somewhere compromises were made on both sides).

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Architecture has been a fun ride for me certainly. A close connection with seniors, a lot of site visits, and trips are what has compensated for some traumatic juries and exams each semester. Besides becoming an all-nighter, I came across situations of being asked to design a relative’s house for free and being called a future ‘architecture’. 

Here are some of the skills I developed during my four-year experience as a student:

  1. Patience (because your Photoshop file may crash at the very end moment)
  2. Perseverance (as renders might take quite a while to complete)
  3. Quiet estimation (how much to save in sheets print to buy material for model)
  4. Teamwork (getting everyone’s sheets printed rather than just yours)
  5. Communication skills (having each other’s back at the time of jury when your partner is stuck)
  6. Coordination (deciding the amount of work everyone will be submitting the next day)
  7. Management skills (how to complete drawings just a day before the jury)

Then came the most awaited time in our architecture school life- internship. Just like every architecture student, I longed for an amazing internship with lots of places to roam and explore. This is one of the things which makes architecture interesting, right!

As many of you would have dreamt of, I also dreamt of planning a trip to Goa with my friends in my internship period. One of my friends got an internship in Goa and that raised our hope higher. We all realized that it is ‘THE’ change and we should definitely take advantage of it. All of my other friends had their offices in a nearby state. It was just me who got an internship far away.

Since it was my first time out of my hometown, the internship was more than just taking professional experience. The real struggle was not finding the perfect place to live or good people at work, but to find an auto while going home. And if at all I could have a Youtube video on the types of autowalas we met, it would have been worth watching. Certainly, one of the fun things at the internship was the auto rides and finding infinite new ways to get back home somehow!

Shortly after joining the firm, people started discussing the office trip which was long-awaited. Everything was finalized and we have an amazing trip to Jodhpur. But I knew the inner traveler in me will not be satisfied until having THE trip to Goa. I took the help of a colleague to know the best places to visit in Goa and I was all-ready with a bucket list of 3 days. The next job was to get the approvals.

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You know how parents are always in a denial mode when it comes to Goa plans. So were mine! A straight no came when I asked to book the tickets. After some classic sessions of melodrama and constant reiteration of “Everyone has been there beside me”, I successfully convinced my parents. 

We just had an office trip the previous week and I went home the week before that to attend a wedding. So, it was a risky task asking for another 2-3 days off, yet I took the chance (bravo for my courage here). Since, it was festive weekend; many had applied for a leave in that particular week. My chances of getting the leave approved were scarce and I was put in waitlist. However, after pulling some strings, working extra and a lot of convincing, I got my leaves sanctioned from the senior architect.

Convincing my friends to come on the same weekend was a task in itself. I was convinced enough that all the universal forces were acting against me. Only one thing which kept me driving was ‘Goa is just a few steps ahead’. So, somehow everyone was convinced as well. Tickets were booked and I was ready for it finally.

Not much days were left in my trip when suddenly the news channels and social media was filled with just one news (it still is) – Corona. Just when I thought there were not enough conventional reasons left for me to not having the trip, guess what a whole new reason emerges! 

It’s been months now, yet whenever we discuss this incidence; it’s hilarious as to how you cannot go to Goa, until Goa calls you. I also remember how I and my roommate saved some woolen clothes for our trip to Shimla (which never happened), parties and many more road trips which could only take place in our imagination. It’s funny how enthusiastically I planned my internship and ended up dragging myself to its end via work from home. 

I share my deep condolences to all the fellow students for their trips cancelled due to the corona lockdown. But I’m sure whenever we will look back to our internship period; it will make us laugh heartfully. The hard times shall pass and we will soon be travelling again!


Yashika Sharma is an architecture enthusiast who is keen to explore and learn everything that architecture has to offer. She believes that there is always another perception, value, and essence which needs to be realized and appreciated in architecture. Architecture literature is an essential portal for spreading such ideas.