It is not necessary to choose a formidable path or one which all choose. But we commit the blunder. We think it might be the right step, which turns out to be contrasting. Instead, one should try to understand oneself first, and then take further steps. These learnings came to me early on in my architectural ferry. While growing up, architecture was implanted in my mind by my dad. He, being in the design industry, knew the magic it contained. I was pretty convinced by his narrations and aspired to be an architect since the tender age of six. Upon graduating from junior college, I dived into this pool, of architecture fraternity, wherein I have had the most surreal experiences. Every industry has its myths and moments, not very circumstantial in its favor. I encountered a few as well. Upon entering my freshman year, everyone welcomed me with a million free advice, suggestions, quotes, and experience summaries. I don’t say all were a myth but rather over-hyped and exaggerated. They spoke of Architecture being one of the most arduous courses in the world. “You will have to pull all-nighters every day. The pay isn’t proportional to the fee structure of the entire course,” and a few more. “A demanding course with no official placements…” and so forth. Even though I was firmly determined to make it through architecture, these external negative bombardments shook me altogether to my dismay. Not very long after this tragic period in my life, I met a gentleman. He was a Bengali speaking and an extremely polite human being. He would carry himself with utmost poise that made me even more curious, furious as well as eager to know him. Entering my design studio one day, stood he, dusky skin and utmost humble. He was our new faculty member for the sophomore year in my degree course. I was delighted. An architect by profession, he was an outlander. He spoke with ease and calmness, all of which I had forgotten in the hustle of submissions, deadlines, stress eating, and a lot of coffee. He was an exception and an opposition to all the scary mythical pieces of advice I received upon entering the first year. He decoded architecture consciously. It felt like my true passionate bond with architecture was rejuvenated.  I commenced accepting that it all lies in the perspectives, one can either do it chaotically or peacefully the choice remains. In the inception, I had started doubting myself and my abilities and faced serious self-esteem issues. This fact began transitioning. I learned it isn’t about reaching the point of perfection, rather it is about exploring, learning, and realizing with all of your senses and presence of mind. From a broader perspective, architecture is a way to simplify complexities in the world. Design is a medium to solve problems, only to make life comfortable. How can the process of creating wellbeing, be tough? Rather it is vast and expansive. Teachers and mentors are a very crucial part of a student’s architecture life. Hadn’t I met my mentor, I would have still been struggling, trying to cope up with my peer’s expectations, walking on the path trodden by themselves, looking at things from stereotypical angles. We all worked together on vivid laborious, tough projects under his mentoring. The emotions after accomplishing the goals were surreal. It felt like I had answers to the myths. I can contradict and deny them all. After experiencing a slice of it, I can confidently say that if so is the case, I am ready to take over. Because I am not afraid of all the hardships, for the fruit is way too sweeter.

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Architecture isn’t just a mere course, elongated for five years, it is metaphorically a theatrical trailer to a lifestyle. It gives a peek into reality while keeping you in a bubble. The habits, emotions, thoughts, developed during these magical years prove to be the pillars of the rest of our lives. The entire life indeed is influenced by these foundational years. My learnings in architecture have a wide spectrum, ranging from the technical knowledge to the strong built relationships, from the teamwork to crisis management, from dedication to devotion, from kindness to being a support system to others. The list goes on. Words fall short narrating my architecture journey so far. Design taught me empathy, and a genuine feeling inculcated to work for the betterment of each individual. Ultimately it encumbrances, to lead a satisfying life. In the end, architecture has taught me gratitude. The fact that I can study this intense course is a blessing. I am entitled to work for society. A thrilling journey awaits me every day. I get to be utterly creative, and get to say that “I have a life I don’t wish to take a vacation from.” Truly architecture is a treasure, and one should hunt for it.

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An ambitious architect, who has a keen interest in weaving words with wisdom and poetic stance. She is a self opinionated headstrong woman, taking Architecture by storm with her grip in design and its anomalies. She has a distinctive flare in her writings that leaves her readers thoughtful.