Let’s start here. After a long arduous semester and week-long celebration back home. We’re rejuvenated for our next challenge. Having read the brief, we dived into this next competition. Brains leading us as usual. Katoch right behind him with his unwavering (for now) belief and enthusiasm. Chumbo and Sleek handling support as well. Plus Yay handling operations from a different avenue.

Assembly was to find new people in order to strengthen our team and reduce the labor work so that we could focus on the enhancement of our presentation. Thus a lot of combinations and recruiting were done. Nincompoop, Elon, and R2T also got recruited. Smith and Pirate become allies due to proximity to our “office”.

A Competition - Sheet1

This our “office” decked with 6 high-end laptops and operated by boxer shorts individuals. Katoch was analyzing the data in the beginning along with Nincompoop, Elon, and Sleek. Rest was on the Brains figuring out site and design approach.

Smooth sailing, right?

Wrong. This all came crashing down when the first internal week approached. Brains and Katoch failed miserably agreeing with the zeroes they got. Yay being a good student and self-disciplined person survived. Chumbo, Sleek, and R2T managed by convincing their faculty that work will be there soon.

Nincompoop and Elon left without a trace.

Brains and Katoch were already having mental problems due to academic pressure. Yet a bad sleep and eating routine wasn’t helping their cause. The truck that hit ‘em the most was a delegation cut. All the culture had been selected, thus delegations of the academic trophies had been sliced into half. Brains and Katoch had never been so dejected before. Katoch lost hope.

Brains seeing his team felt dejected. Yet the next morning, he said ” We may or may not go there. But it’ll be great if our work does. And the trophy comes back.” Filled with excitement, the core group assembled.

Brains, Katoch, Chumbo, Sleek, Yay, and R2T.

The final line up.


Katoch and Yay handled operations on sheets day and night, each day trying to finish targets only to be given new ones. There was no support from anyone especially mental, all there was is an unwavering voice from inside “you got this”.

Brains, Chumbo and Sleek got into the rough side of things where they dealt with external egos and guides, whilst finding their own voice. From no site to no starting point. They navigated through thick and thin in order to formulate a system. They ran behind people, discussed and re-discussed thoroughly on what should and should not be. Revisited the brief a million times cause that’s where the most answers lied. 

In the meanwhile, a checklist and color code system was born. All 20 sheets had been marked with topics to cover and had to follow strictly. This smoothened the sheet making and design process.

The design took a holistic approach to, thanks to Konda, the omniscient being who grilled us and knew that we could do much better each time we stepped up. This system of continuous evaluation kept us on our toes and any slip up would cause destruction.

The next 2 weeks were just utter grind. Where the 6 of us had almost forgotten what social lives look like. We’d put our grades, relationships, and our sanity on the line. We hadn’t seen our rooms for like a week. Stuck in a studio forever felt normal. People watching us fume at each other felt normal. But the good thing about trust is, if it’s unwavering it’ll stay.

Renders were coming through, 100 sketches were made by G who came up clutch at these times. Smith and Pirate returned to help as well. One day the lords also blessed us with their presence and listened to us. Felt surreal, but deadlines. No time for that. 20 sheets had gone through around 15 laptops. They’d been seen by the physical eyes around a million times. We hadn’t had a proper meal in a week. Alas, the sheets went for printing. And confidence boomed.

Till now we didn’t know who was going.
Cause it didn’t matter.
All that mattered that we won.
And this team still is alive and kicking.
Brains, Katoch, Chumbo, Sleek, Yay, and R2T.
The final line up.


Hritwik Kant is a 20-year-old pursuing Architecture from SPA Vijayawada. Currently in 4th year. He's an art nerd, a music junkie, and has a knack for quizzing and football. Usually found dreaming with eyes wide open. Except when his picture is taken or there's a doggo nearby.(he has to pet it)