Welcome to the land of the living earth, there is no denying that we humans have evolved for centuries, but what do you see in the future? Flying cars, robots controlling human’s analysis, digital world, and laser shows, entire sci-fi vision isn’t it! But hang on!  There is still a lot of time for this. What we have in hand now is the crucial question mark of what will be the future of architecture. 

There is no denying that scientists have found water on mars but we are not migrating any soon. Because life on earth is much more expensive than it will be on mars. But I have hopes it is the best thing to have. Coming back to square one “the future” in “architecture”, I can’t emphasize anymore that as a designer our role is going to change drastically.

We are meant to be the architect of the future, embossing the future with sustainability and with many other parameters.

Universal Architecture

There is a saying “one for all and all for one”. If we co-relate this statement with architecture then we must accumulate the thought of “inclusive architecture”. Inclusive architecture is a designed space that is accessible for everyone from every part of physical ability. And there is a higher increase in the demand from every local and national body of structures that every structure public as well as private should be accessible for everyone.

Universal architecture tends to create spaces for every user such as elders, toddlers, especially abled people, providing feasibility and equality to the user. Simple and natural use. The user must have low physical effort while accessing any public spaces.

Where is architecture heading? - Sheet1
Hazelwood School by Alan Dunlop Architect Limited_Architizer

Reincarnation of local materials

Do you believe in the concept of rebirth, maybe not but you well when there is a higher need for the rebirth of our local materials. Let’s not focus on the new inventions of materials because it’s an era of rapidly increasing start-ups and innovators. We need people to take the light on the decreasing of the naturally available materials. As for now, nature is taking a toll on us for violating her rules because today or tomorrow we have to take any action to look forward to using our locally available materials.

On using the local materials we promote sustainability, green architecture, and the organic essence of the spaces. There is no denying that one day or the other we will be in a need to bring back the past by following with architecture we need to bring back the old blissful materials which symbolized our tradition and natural methods of construction.

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High School Thazin_Ackermann+Raff

BIM A2rchitecture

Building Information Modeling is a very old concept, a software in disguise which is used to convert the conceptual into visualization throughout the design process integrating the entire workflow such as conceptual, documentation, modeling, and coordination.

The importance of BIM in today’s time is that it improves team coordination and work efficiency. It provides a better platform for computer simulation and 3d models. BIM allows the client to interact with the structure before the construction phase. BIM as well provides the advantage to follow through with the construction process, giving exact results and output as per need. 

As it is in rapid demand in the construction field many designers, as well as non-designers, find it as a specialization core subject to make a living out of it. The day is near when there is a higher demand for BIM specialists in the field of architecture. 

That future is already here and the future is now.

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Chapman Taylor MediaCityUK_Bupa Place.

VR Architecture

As we are moving forward as a designer our practice also tends to take a lot of changes. The way we are going to promote and present our projects is going to have a drastic change. In which Virtual Reality takes place as the protagonist of this story. 

VR is going to be an important part not only in presentation but also in the entire process. What happens when you showcase a design on a 3d model and when you showcase the entire design in VR? It’s an obvious guess that it gives the user a dynamic look towards the entire design.

The demand for Virtual reality is increasing as it is already in use in the software and IT industry, hence architecture is going to have some demand in the coming future.

Where is architecture heading? - Sheet4
Tips for Using Virtual Reality (VR) in Architecture_Redshift (autodesk.com)

Renovation over demolition

“There is a magic when you recreate a beauty from broken element rather than being thrown in the trash”. If we go with these saying we architects have to be a magician for recreating the future rather than demolishing. If we have faith for the future to create dynamic structures then we must have belief in recreating the old structures as well. It plays a very vital role as an architect to preserve the old traditional structure as well as bringing the conservation of all the old elements.

As an architect, it will be a great challenge in the coming future that we have to keep the old techniques as well the traditional values connected along with the structure. And we are more likely to move towards conservation and preservation of our iconic buildings.

Juju Architecture


All in one the future of an architect is not only about virtual reality or enhancing the technology but also preserving what is already here and which needs to be preserved. As architects, we need to go for a broader vision. It must not be the technology we must accumulate but the essence of natural materials, making the structure more accessible for the coming future, bringing more ideas on how to sustain and move forward.

Future is not only building something new but preserving what we already have in the present.


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Ar. Ritu Gosavi is a published co-author of the two anthology " A poet's Pulse" and "Slice of life" , graduated from College of Architecture Nasik .A brilliant content writer since 2019 bringing light on social and patriarchal norms through her writing page called "Ruminant". An architect, author, and audacious , a classical and japanese literature lover.