Hugh Dutton’s Climate Ribbon in Miami merges architecture, science & art

Miami — is known for its extravagant culture rather than sustainability. However, Miami in recent past has witnessed the climate change with some extreme weather events. As people are beginning to get sensitive about the issue, the thinkers of the society are now serious. Artists and Architects are playing their role in helping the city turning to a sustainable future. One of the steps in this direction is by the architect Hugh Dutton who recently designed roof for Miami’s City Centre. It’s being called the climate Ribbon which covers some buildings and changes its form with time.

© Architect Hugh Dutton

At Art Basel Miami Beach last month, a commissioned piece from California-based installation artist Lars Jan created a vivid fantasy scenario of Miami underwater. But a far more real and solid response can be found downtown, in the Brickell district, where an imaginative “Climate Ribbon” creates a cover between tall buildings — effectively a raised, roofed-over street — that lowers the temperature without artificial air conditioning during hot weather and, during rain, channels and collects water for re-use throughout the development.

© Architect Hugh Dutton

It is the product of creativity from Architect Hugh Dutton, who’s heading a Paris-based architectural practice HDA.

“Swire and Arquitectonica wanted this very large project to be a model of sustainable architecture: we all share a commitment to working for an ecologically better future.” said the architect.

© Architect Hugh Dutton

Another important element is a seamless blending of outdoor and indoor space, now so fashionable in contemporary architecture everywhere, but again a traditional feature of hot climates.

© Architect Hugh Dutton

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