The zoning and user experience work of this strategic interior design project led us to make the decision to change the use that the hotel had given and intended to continue giving to the first floor and basement.  Thanks to this we have:

Project Name: Hotel Petit Palace Puerta del Sol
Studio Name: Wanna
Studio’s Web:
Hotel Location: Calle del Arenal, 4, 28013 Madrid (Spain)
Execution Dates: 2019-2022
Client name: Petit Palace Hotelity (Hotelatelier Group)
Renders Credits: Labere Studio
Main project challenge: Refurbish the first floor and basement of the hotel, with the aim of improving the overall guest experience.

Other objectives:

  • Reduce stress for guests during check-in.
  • Provide more moments of consumption in the hotel.
  • Create a convivial space in the common areas.
  • Improve circulation in the breakfast room.
  • Surprise guests.
  • Promote well-being.
  • Bring life to the basement floor throughout the day.

List of spaces designed in the project: First floor and basement of the hotel, with a total size of approximately 300 m².
Original condition of the spaces: Outdated spaces in need of renovation.
First floor: originally there was a reception, lobby, warehouse, office and toilet.
Basement: originally there was a breakfast room with capacity for 34 people, kitchen and bathroom.

Petit Palace By Wanna - Sheet1
©Labere Studio

First floor: from a passage space to a living space.

We transformed the first floor space to improve the overall guest experience. We converted a walk-through space, where initially there was a reception, living area, office and toilet, into a multipurpose and convivial space. To achieve this, we did the following:

  • We allocated part of the lobby to a locker area for guests and locals.
  • We rethought the layout of the reception area to favor visual contact between staff and guests. And we opted for a functional furniture design that responds to the needs of the staff and favors the orderly and invisible storage of all their daily work materials.
  • We incorporated a small “shop” in the reception area.
  • We moved the breakfast room from the basement to the ground floor. Thanks to this we increased its capacity from 34 diners to 42. And we significantly improved the guests’ consumption experience, since the current breakfast room has natural light and pleasant views of the street, as opposed to the visual chaos of the basement, where there were different ceiling heights, nooks and crannies, steps… This space also serves as a social and convivial area thanks to the different ambiances and the versatility of its furniture.
  • We designed an open and functional kitchen to facilitate self-service during breakfast, but also to reinforce the feeling of “home” among the guests.
Petit Palace By Wanna - Sheet4
©Labere Studio

Basement floor: an unexpected relaxation space

After moving the breakfast room up to the first floor, we had the entire basement floor free. So we set out to give it new uses to surprise guests, promote their well-being in the hotel and improve the perceived value of the hotel.

To this end, we designed a multifunctional space that recreates the cave effect, with a children’s and relaxation area.

Petit Palace By Wanna - Sheet5
©Labere Studio

Creative concept

We built the entire brand narrative of the project based on the idea “guests are our Sun”.  This idea is based on the location of the hotel and establishes a metaphor between the Plaza de Sol (the main square of Madrid) and the people (the center of the hotel). With this metaphor we wanted to reinforce Petit Palace’s commitment to always delight its guests and take care of its team. And conceptually we were able to develop an interior design that evoked the warmth of the sun.

Petit Palace By Wanna - Sheet6
©Labere Studio

This is perceived in the color scheme (orange and gold tones reign), in the furniture, lighting and decorative objects chosen (in which rounded shapes predominate), as well as in the materials selected. But also in the signage and graphics in the space, as seen in the messages that are part of the verbal universe that we developed for the hotel and that are distributed on the two floors.


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