The Anthony is an elaborately worked out architectural concept designed specifically for the ambitions set out by the city of The Hague: densifying, increasing sustainability and greening. With The Anthony, the post industrial living and working area of the Binckhorst area will have an powerful architectural and iconic building.

Project Name: Trekvlietzone Kavel 1C
Studio Name: BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture
Design Team: BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture + Olaf Gipsen Architects
Area: 800 m2 site and 11.000 m2 GFA
Year: 2018
Location: Den Haag, the Netherlands
Consultants: DWA, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Smartland, Starling Structures
Photography Credits:
Plompmozes (render)
Other Credits: BEMOG project development

Complete Architecture Package for Design Studios
Trekvlietzone Kavel 1C By BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture - Sheet2

Numerous proven, innovative elements have been applied that answer questions related to themes such as urban identity, liveliness, mixed program, energy, waste, water, ecology, climate adaptation and mobility. These elements have been made visible as far as possible and put on display. We are adding two strong living environments to the Trekvliet zone of the Binckhorst: a fairly compact and highly urban block below and a more open, nature-inclusive tower above. Both with their own subtle industrial character.

The Anthony is based on 5 themes. Urban: the ANTHONY is a central player in the Trekvliet zone and stands in the middle of the

Trekvlietzone Kavel 1C By BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture - Sheet3

traffic flows in the area.  where the articulation of the volume responds to this. Ensemble: THE ANTHONY does not stand alone, but is part of one of three buildings, which together form one mass and one urban figure. Demountability: Our constructive vision for THE ANTHONY is to design the building as sustainable and demountable as possible using circular building materials.


Cultural History: As a carrier of the cultural-historical history of de Binckhorst takes THE ANTHONY the industrial logic of production and translates it into a post-industrial variant characterised by innovation and creativity. It is a building that has an attractive, produces a sustainable and healthy living environment. Industrial-urban-nature: THE ANTHONY gives shape to a progressive living, working and transport model that combines two living environments  introduces with a mix of typologies: an urban block and a nature-inclusive tower.

Complete Architecture Package for Students

Studio Profile

The office of BurtonHamfelt is an architecture and urban design practice rooted in the believe that sustainable design and landscape ecology have the power to transcend the quality and experience of the everyday built environment.

Using urban design, architecture and landscape as a combined medium, all our projects aim to enhance the particularities of a site to produce an elegant and transformational experience. Even in the most challenging of locations.

Located in the forward thinking city of Amsterdam, BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture with a talented team architects and designers is totally focussed on making every project they do excellent.


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