Clinging to the side of a steep site above the existing house, the North Avoca Studio is like a metal jewel box. With Spandek Ultra allowing for a very low-pitched roof, and continuing as wall cladding, the simple form of the building belies a complex structural system supporting the building. Architect Matt Thitchener has created an elegant steel multi-function studio space used as an office, as well as a space for meditation, relaxation and entertaining, with amazing views over the beach.”

Project Name: North Avoca Studio
Studio Name:
Matt Thitchener Architect
Project size: 60 m2
Site size: 735 m2
Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 1
Location: North Avoca, Australia
Photography: Matt Thitchener and Keith Mcinnes

North Avoca Studio by Matt Thitchener Architect - Sheet1
Aerial View ©Matt Thitchener and Keith Mcinnes

“The North Avoca Studio utilises steel throughout in a range of components including the structural steel framing, steel piloti, external staircase, awnings and cladding. The use of steel fulfils both a structural and aesthetic function and is highly successful in both of these regards. Through the use of the Spandek cladding on both the walls and soffit, the cantilevered form appears as a monolithic form, rather than components, exemplifying the surreal quality of the hovering cube.”

North Avoca Studio by Matt Thitchener Architect - Shee2
Living Room ©Matt Thitchener and Keith Mcinnes

“Positioned behind an existing split-level home, the North Avoca Studio is almost invisible when viewed from the street, receding from visual prominence. Outside the back door of the existing home, the cantilevered structure set upon a double cluster of steel piloti is a moment to behold. The cubic form appears to hover above the steep site and allows the landscape to seamlessly continue underneath, capturing views from under and within the space.

North Avoca Studio by Matt Thitchener Architect - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Matt Thitchener and Keith Mcinnes

A simple open plan space accommodates functions for use both as an office space and a space for meditation. The room is wrapped on three sides by a white curtain, set in a concealed bulkhead detail, which when closed makes the space feel like a floating cloud.
This studio project is ambitious both in its response to the site and the technical detail required to achieve its vision within tight site constraints.


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