Taichung Gateway Park, designed by the architectural firm ON-A, is an urban ecosystem. International proposal for a visionary transformation in the former Taichung Airport compound. Five distinct districts, each with their unique character – financial, technological, residential, and cultural -, are perfectly intertwined by the green heart of Taichung Gateway Park.

Project Name: Taichung Gateway Park
Architecture: Jordi Fernández & Eduardo Gutiérrez / ON-A
3D Visualization: Play-time

Taichung Gateway Park by ON-A-Sheet2

Imagine a lush tapestry of nature, where towering trees and gleaming water features reign. Under this green canopy, roads flow gently underground, giving priority to people over cars. At the heart of all this, are 3 sets of public buildings: the Taichung City Cultural Center, the Taichung Movie City, and the brand-new Taiwan Tower that, with its 300 m height.

Taichung Gateway Park by ON-A-Sheet3

Taichung Gateway Park is a catalyst for connection. Pedestrian and vehicular networks will seamlessly integrate the city’s districts, fostering collaboration and community. The park’s five distinct areas are united by a shared green thread, forming a vibrant corridor where technology, finance, culture, and residential life thrive side by side.

Taichung Gateway Park by ON-A-Sheet1

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