Since 1980, we’ve earned an impeccable reputation for design, detailing, and use of quality materials — and for the principals’ hands-on involvement in every job. Projects vary in style and scale, but our first priority is always client satisfaction.

Studio Name: Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors
Area: New England
Year: 2011
Location: Massachusetts
Photography Credits: Richard Mandelkorn

Round Hill by Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors - Sheet3
©Richard Mandelkorn

Our expertise ranges from authentic historical styles to innovative contemporary design. We approach each project with a fresh, imaginative eye and explore it from all angles. The results — a new Georgian mansion, a modern office complex, a Victorian town hall or a Gothic Revival church renovation — share a distinctive elegance, harmony, and serenity. Our buildings are designed to last for centuries, and to be cherished for their character and grace.

Round Hill by Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors - Sheet4
©Richard Mandelkorn

At Meyer & Meyer we have the unique ability to create expressive, hand-drawn perspective images of our designs. This artistic skill brings clients directly into the excitement of the design process. As their ideas are brought to life, they become active members of the design team. Drawings provide a “virtual window” where architectural and interior design issues unfold before their eyes. Together, we see exactly what we’ve imagined with remarkable clarity. When every detail can be studied, there are no surprises, last-minute changes, or regrets. Computer aided drafting programs assist us in the generation of designs, plans and elevations, but we make extensive use of the human eye and hand to bring our work to a more intense, passionate level of development.

Round Hill by Meyer & Meyer Architecture and Interiors - Sheet7
©Richard Mandelkorn

Principals John and Laura Meyer are involved as team leaders in every project. Each client is assigned a comprehensive team responsible not only for expert technical work but for clear communication, continuity, and accountability. Our process is collaborative and dynamic; we listen carefully to clients’ ideas and refine each option for careful evaluation. Then we work especially hard to protect our final design through the rigors of project construction. From first sketch to final punch list, every phase is fully supported. With a firm hand on the budget and schedule, we insist on the most appropriate materials and best construction standards. Our work isn’t finished until the client has moved in and is completely delighted. Enthusiastic referrals and numerous repeat clients have enabled the firm to prosper and grow.


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