The Palace of Culture was erected in 1982, the standard design was developed by the Design Institute commissioned by the Tourism Council. The Palace of Culture is a striking illustration of the Brezhnev period armature the area of the structure is about 12 thousand measures and since construction, it has noway been repaired. The reconstruction lasted six months and amounted to roughly 300 million rubles.

Project title: Palace of Culture
Architecture: Archiproba Studios (
Location: Zheleznovodsk, Stavropol Region
Area: 12000 m2
Launch date: January 2019
Photo: Max Avdeev

Palace of Cultural by Archiproba Studios - Sheet3
©Max Avdeev

The blockish shape of the structure is made in the style of modern armature it houses a cinema and musicale and lecture halls, cotillion halls, recreation areas, educational spaces, exhibition spaces, a chess club and a library.
The main glass volume is adjourned in the shape of the facade and envelops the open deck and the structure of the vertical suspended swaths . There are mounted monumental bobby panels( embossed) above the main entrances to the structure. The structure of the structure forms a central patio, where the natural light enters through pyramidal skylights.

The restoration design of the Palace of Culture is a delicate irruption of the literal object and a scrupulous approach to the material heritage. The main idea of the design is the maximum preservation of the structure’s authentic rudiments and the reconstruction of the literal appearance.
therefore, all the ornamental facade panels, interior stairs and bottoms made of Cuban marble, columns and walls made of limestone tuff and the original crimpy ceiling in the large theater were precisely polished and saved.

Palace of Cultural by Archiproba Studios - Sheet5
©Max Avdeev

All new interior shapes directly reproduce the literal appearance laid down by the original authors of the design. Triangular skylights were recreated during the restoration, allowing natural light to enter freely into the patio area, the blockish ceiling caissons with reflected light and a facade system of sunscreen swaths .

Palace of Cultural by Archiproba Studios - Sheet7
©Max Avdeev

The stained glass facade of the structure was fully replaced with a new bone in strict agreement with the literal pier side rudiments and the colour scheme. The corner member of the structure completes the media screen, which is the crucial information point in the megacity.


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