Intimacy and expanse, den and prospect, cave and ledge—the Piaule Catskill Landscape Hotel’s architecture is meant to heighten our experience of the landscape by contrasting and dramatizing the safety of the forest with the terrifying scale of nature.

Studio Name: Garrison Architects
Design Team: James Garrison, Sal Tranchina, John Torpy, Jeff Stewart.
Area: 2,200 square meters
Year: 2021
Location: 333 Mossy Hill Rd, Catskill, NY 12414
Photography Credits: Sean Davidson

Piaule Landscape Retrea By Garrison Architects - Sheet2
©Sean Davidson
Piaule Landscape Retrea By Garrison Architects - Sheet4
©Sean Davidson

Moving between these worlds was our motivation. The cabins embrace the surrounding forest, while the lodge magnifies the spectacular eastern wall of the northern Catskills: rain falls, sun shines, thunder and lightning make a show.

Piaule Landscape Retrea By Garrison Architects - Sheet7
©Sean Davidson

Shifting focus onto the landscape will hopefully allow visitors to recalibrate their attentiveness.


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