Fahed A Majeed, the principal architect behind whom this empire stands are an alumnus of IIT Bangalore.  His architectural style is very eco-friendly; he tries to use materials that can be easily found in the environment. The use of wood and plants and trees creates a very balanced atmosphere.

His firm established in 2005 is a multidisciplinary architectural practice with offices in Bali, Dubai, and Kochi. They even are members of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and have received numerous accolades, have been published at various places, and are counted in one of the best architects, people must know about.

Here are 15 iconic projects by Fahed + Architects:

1. Abwab Pavilion

This golden structure constructed in Dubai looks nothing less than a masterpiece that must sit in some museum.  It has been constructed out of 1100 coil springs collected from old bed mattresses that have been spray finished to protect it from corrosion. It was designed in collaboration with the Dubai Design District and Bee’ah for the 2017 Dubai Design week. It has also housed 42 exhibited designs by top artists. The structure enables light to come in which when dispersed created a marvelous environment.

Abwab Pavilion ©www.fahedarchitects.com

2. Grand Cinnamon Resort

If it were told that this place is a setup for some Disney movie, I would have readily agreed, these blocks of buildings sitting right on the water of lake Vembanad are sure to leave you mesmerized. Located in Kochi, is this 120-room waterside luxury resort is an attempt to blend the resort into the landscape while at the more same time inculcating inspirations from nature and contemporary architecture. The gist of this idea was to have perpetually floating rooms so that each has its view of the lake and its surroundings.

Grand Cinnamon Resort. ©www.fahedarchitects.com

3. Swiss Embassy, Singapore

A design competition entry, this embassy shares its aim of neutrality and the peaceful coexistence of nations along with its country.  As the name suggests, Switzerland’s embassy has been made keeping in mind the values that the country is known for. This sustainable piece of architecture has been located in Singapore another place where the Swiss’s thinking aligns. Their values of cooperation and unity amongst nations are what help this structure also.

4. The Building 9N 76E

Made in Cochin, this 1000sqm commercial building has been designed for a particular company. The point of bringing nature-in-architecture comes here too, this structure is well ventilated and the fold-able shutters, when opened out, give the experience of working in a large balcony. The solar panel takes care of its requirements. The materials that have gone into this building’s making are bare concrete, terracotta/ huradi blocks, stell, wood, and pre-veneered MDF.

The Building 9N 76E ©www.fahedarchitects.com

5. The Silent House

This award-winning house has walls made up of stacked up recycled terracotta roofing tiles. Wood and stone have been used extensively all over. Located in Puthur, Kerela, it brings back the vibes of traditional Kerela houses with a considerable amount of lighting, ventilation, solar power, and rainwater. The waterside at proximity and the lush greenery sets a perfect backdrop for this house.

Silent House ©www.faehdarchitects.com

6. Guggenheim Helsinki

This proposal for a design competition entry is a design that celebrates Finnish culture. The design shows a forecourt that will help people when queuing in lines to come and stand in shade. Made out of timber wood, found in abundance in Finland, its inspiration is in Helsinki’s culture and heritage only.

Guggenheim Helsinki ©www.fahedarchitects.com

7. Sky Pa Sand

Another design competition entry, they exploited the shape with a myriad of cuboids intersecting to form the primary mass. The structure lights up when the sun sets and has low rise individual residential units. It will be made in such a manner that reduces over-lighting and night sky pollution.

Sky Pa Sand ©www.fahedarchitects.com

8. The Flying House

Several award-winning residences is a single floor plan located in Cochi at a 1.35-acre property. It has only four bedrooms but that’s not its strength, it has been designed around the landscape which has been given the most priority. Moreover, there is a rainwater harvesting system too through percolation channels and underground storage wells. It’s called its name as the roof of this house has a wing-like structure and looks like it could take off any time.

Flying house ©www.fahedarchitects.com

9. Sundaram Hiranmayan

Housed in Allepey, this beautiful chalet is on an islet surrounded by the water of Vembanadlake at Kainakkery. It is built on the idea of an old Kerela house with regards to its architecture, using local materials, techniques, and craftsmanship. A lot of attention has been put to the climate around this region and the construction has also been based on that.

Sundaram Hiranmayan ©www.fahedarchitects.com

10. Amana Plantation Resort

This location was meant for a spectacular space, amongst a secluded landscape enveloped in tea and cardamom plantations, right in front of a lake. This eco-friendly resort has bountiful treasures of flora and fauna, just a bit away from the bustle of the crowd. Someone who wants to know what it means to breathe in nature, this should be your go-to place.

Amana Plantation Resort ©www.fahedarchitects.com

11. Corporate Trine

Usually, office buildings are not made of vibrant colors, they are made of cool colors and a major chunk of them also avoid glitzy and sparkly designs, hence, this design comes as a big surprise with the concept of this project making it remarkable. The concept was to study solar analysis and allow only a minimum heat gain. Flat panels attached from the ceiling ascending downwards provide shade that leads to reduced energy consumption, a green wall at the back reinforces the idea of nature in mind.

Corporate Trine ©www.fahedarchitects.com

12. Swiss Embassy, Addis Ababa

Inspired from the diversity of Ethiopia is this embassy located there, from hot deserts and tropics to plateaus, from vast lakes and beautiful rivers cascading far below the mountain ranges. It is a tribute to the cradle of civilization. Their way of life has also been taken as a form of inspiration.

Swiss Embassy, Addis Ababa ©www.fahedarchitects.com

13. AELI

This retirement facility was initially a proposal for a youth hostel but somehow it transformed into this place where people fulfill their leftover dreams. This proposal creates room for various activities and various rooms for the people who are going to come over and stay.

Aeli ©www.fahedarchitects.com

14. Jaison’s Residence

Located in Kollam district, this land is the office as well as the house for Mr. Jaison who has also installed a cashew factory here. The design approach is very distinct here, with a two-storied building with a scale in height never seen. It is a very well-lit house with the experiences of nature inside too. There is a sort of richness to the house that comes to the forefront when taken the first glance at it.

Jaison’s Residence ©www.fahedarchitects.com

15. Assoufid Marrakech

It is a market space with places for residential, leisure, retail, F&B, wellness and hospitality components, set against a backdrop of snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Assoufid Marrakech ©www.fahedarchitects.com

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