Prof. K Jaisim has enjoyed the practice of architecture for over 4 decades now, In 1970 he started his firm Jaisim Fountainhead. Since then he has created and recreated countless homes, institutions and commercial enterprises. He has written over 150 papers and articles, made about 1500 presentations, serves on several boards and councils, and finds time to interact with students of architecture all over India. His subversive views and individualistic endeavours are the hallmarks of his creativity.

Every built space can sing poetry, only one has to appropriately feel the blend that nature and materials offer.” – Prof. K. Jaisim

Today, he still continues to pursue the adventures of the built environment, searching and researching beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Architect Jaisim has covered a variety of projects like – Residences, Institutes, Corporates etc, Every project bears the unmistakable trademark of Jaisim – iconoclastic, individualistic and eco-friendly.

1: Ashok Vohra’s Residence

Use of large windows lets light inside the house. Use of Vaulted ceiling inside the house gives the room a magnificent feel and an effect of increased space. With a beautiful landscaped lawn gives the family a place to relax and enjoy. It’s a beautiful abode when well lit, during the night.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

2: ‘Sankalp’ – A residence for Kalpana and Sampath

“Timelessness of realized spaces…………. IMAGINATION.” – Jaisim Fountainhead

This project is done for a small family of four. The site is respected and materials are talked to, then pave way for yet another piece of music in stone. The house shows strict geometric view from outside, when you enter inside, the experience becomes fluid. The spaces dances with freedom.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

 3: Art of Living – Library


Use of materials like stone and glass touches your senses. Round windows create an unusual experience to the visitors. Use of Vaulted roof gives a sense of space and add value to the space. The entrance is as such that the structure flirts with sunlight.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

4: Indian Institute of Plantation Management


Beautifully landscaped pathway moves like a river and lets you to the semi covered entrance and the steps will lead you inside. Concept of Jali walls and open courtyard works well with the building, which in turns helps light to enter inside the building. Jaisim has used his trademark vaulted ceiling.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

5: Light and Life Academy (Ooty)

‘Principles Are Natural Laws
They Are There
They Have To Be Discovered’ – Jaisim.

Set on a contoured site, the building has done justice to the site. The built form when seen merges into the ground. Use of stone as a material has done justice to the built form.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

6: ITC Infotech

Jaisim’s building are connected to nature so does this. It’s reception desk is made up of tree trunk. The steel roof is a different style as compared to his trademark vaulted roof. Use of jail and glass on the front façade gives a different look to the structure.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

7: Presto – A Restaurant

‘In the beginning there was time…And space…Cards of heritage….Values of tradition……’ – Jaisim.

Jaisim has used steel structure for this restaurant. With an open floor plan, created with steps,  connected to nature, it’s a great place to dine.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

8: Sankalp Spa

“The future can look after itself… Are we capable of looking after ourselves??” – Jaisim.

This has used natural materials like stone and uses pitched roof. With columns supporting the structure like tree branches.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

9: ‘Suvidha’ – A Retirement Village

‘Let NATURE be the RELEVANCE of man.’ – Jaisim.

It looks like nature enters inside the building. Situated near a water body, it creates a beautiful place to stay. Situated amidst nature, the balconies provide a scenic view.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

10: Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), Tumkur

‘Windows Of Opportunity….Doors Of Adventure…Journeys Of Achievement.’ – Jaisim

Architect has well played with light and shadows with modern jali’s. He has used his trademark materials like stone. An oat near the trees provides a great place of interaction.


 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

11: I DO (the Jaisim residence and the Jaisim-Fountainhead Office)

“Imagination… To Innovation…

Observe absurdly and recreate with innovation and the world opens up.” – Jaisim

Office is situated in basement, and the waiting area is placed semi open to sky. Jaisim has used stone and all materials locally available as possible. He has played with mezzanine storeys as possible.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

12: Dr. Jayaram Residence

‘The goal of architecture is to provide the human being with spaces to live’ – Jaisim

Walls have carvings, and he has used the same technique of lighting as he has used in his own house.


 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

13: Suresh Gupta Residence

Jaisim has used vaulted ceiling in many projects, he did the same here, providing a spacious experience to the user. A pergola and along with a fire place makes place great for the family to sit and enjoy their time. Large windows provide ample light inside the house.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.

 14: Rathi & Vinay Jha Residence , Coorg

Entrance to the house is through steps, that leads to a deck. Clerestory windows provide a beautiful play of light and shadow. There are cut outs in the floor, covered with glass.


 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.


15: Naresh Ponnappa Residence

“Art gains value in time…Technology is time-bound…” – Jaisim

Use of Arches in stone in the house, Cut out’s in the wall is similar to the crescent  moon, provides a beautiful light inside the living area. Skylights provided in the roof give the same effect.

 Source : ©Jaisim – Fountainhead.


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