Andres Reisinger, born in 1990, is one of the most in-demand advanced digital artists of the 21st century. He plays so many roles himself; artist, director, graphic designer, and founder. Originally from Argentina, he currently makes cautiously arranged projects in his studio in Barcelona. His, in a flash, unmistakable dream-like symbolism has drawn revenue from numerous extravagant gatherers, brands, and worldwide art exhibitions.

1Andres Reisinger: Ideology and Philosophy - Sheet
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Andres Reisinger: Ideology and Philosophy - Sheet2

Artist has an educational background in architecture and graphic designing and more than ten years of experience with 3D delivery; Reisinger makes faultless visuals that feature the striking prospects of computerized design. Winding in architecture, interior, sculpture, and landscaping, his work is portrayed by capturing minimalism in which surprising shapes and a radiant variety conspire to loan the pictures a one-of-a-kind visual dynamic quality. In them, pink rules and goes about as a theme with meanings to our bodies.

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Reisinger’s work is about the creative mind and transportation — as opposed to imitating the world that encompasses him with very reasonable symbolism, he makes his variant of it for us to analyze. Through an exploratory utilization of surfaces, light, and rich materials, the planner ships the watcher from genuine space to his envisioned universes. Known as ‘dreamscapes’, his barometrical perceptions outperform the limits of the fictitious and the genuine, distorting the last option with a specific bit of innovation and a slight weirdness that boundaries being strange.

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Andres Reisinger does works across the interior, product, and 3D visual computerization. He is one of the forerunners in the visual computerization space that spearheaded utilizing Instagram to associate with individuals. Last year his name was enlisted in “Forbes 30 Under 30” as an artist for creating the future of the arts and is the winner of the “Young Guns” Art Directors Club New York City. His market has become stronger with ongoing work.

The artist is known for his style of art; surreal and imaginative 3D visualization. one can find calmness and minimalism while going through his works. The colour palette he chooses and the mood boards he creates mainly consist of pastel and pale colours symbolic of the colours of the internal organs of the human body. Apart from colour selection, his strength also lies in textures. This makes him even more interesting and fascinating as an artist.

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He plays with the supernatural, riding between the recognizable and the abnormal, obscuring the virtual and the physical. He needs to genuinely stun his watchers and consistently take a stab at sensibility. In July 2018, Reisinger posted a 3D chair named “Hortensia”, beautifully rendered in pink colour. It soon went viral like never before and received a lot of attention online. The chair was finally made in real life and featured in a gallery. This piece of his work was impressive in itself because of its texture. The texture was created physically by using 20,000 petals of fabric and consumed considerable effort.


Hortensia was created in collaboration with the brand Moooi. They effectively made a limited edition however wished the Hortensia Armchair could be broadly accessible for everyone in the world. This ended up being inordinately difficult, with the seat being designated “the chair that can’t be made”. Along with Moooi, Reisinger and Esqué discredited everybody. The armchair enters the next phase in its remarkable journey for the Brand Moooi and it was a dream come true.


Only for digital purposes, Dreamscapes are usually made; Reisinger’s visuals, in any case, don’t stop there; his thoughts go past delivering to become real factors that can be contacted and felt. Starting around 2019, the craftsman has expanded into furniture and item plans, with striking material appearances of his plans that accomplish a similar look and physicality as the renders. In the Reisinger Studio HQ, item planners work determinedly on innovative work for making an interpretation of new advanced objects into actual articles for future activities. Reisinger is making advanced craftsmanship one stride further still — his psyche-twisting furniture has broken into the workmanship barters domain. As interest in virtual plans keeps on developing, there is a developing interest in the securing of virtual items.

Surreal Furniture_©
Surreal Furniture_©

With respect to his artwork philosophy, Reisinger has expressed in a meeting that he avoids imitating work that has previously been finished and inclines toward the unexplored world. We love a specific statement from his meeting, where he tends to the over-immersion of pictures in current culture. Engraved in the virtual world to the point that it loses its association with the real, material world, and gets a graceful aura. The atmosphere of the art object is recaptured through its virtualization. Rather than speaking to a novel presence in the actual reality, the computerized space accommodates another tangible experience of distance between the observer and the article.


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