Did you ever wanted a piece of furniture but couldn’t get the right color or the right fabric for it? That one Pinterest option you like but couldn’t find it in your market? Or you wanted to customize, and they said to order it in bulk or else the price will be high! So what if I tell you there’s a firm where you can customize your materials at a very cheap rate! The Inside is an online home furnishing brand launched by the designer Christian Lemieux that offers all the furniture you need in different styles, sizes, and end number of variables which you can customize at affordable prices. The company aims at diversifying the options of budget-friendly designs and letting the client choose the style, fabric, color they want as per their personality. The firm also helps the customer in deciding by curating their choice and advising them on the same. The Inside invests in colorful patterns, florals, bright, and quirky designs. All the images on their site are 3D renders which makes them sustainable as they don’t have to produce an actual set for marketing. From sofas, cabanas, Ottomans to all sorts of different furniture designs it gives a wide range of fabric styles to choose from.

The Inside-Iconic Projects
© www.theinside.com

1. Maximalist muse

The patterns in this series are bold, with bright colors and patterns. The patterns resonate a lot with animal prints that make it a centerpiece.

“More is more and less is a bore” – Iris Apfel.

Maximalist muse - Sheet1
Running zebra pattern with vibrant yellow color for sofa. ©www.theinside.com
Maximalist muse - Sheet2
Maximalist muse - Sheet3
An abstract pattern for pillow covers ©www.theinside.com

2. Transitional chic

A perfect blend between the classic and the modern patterns, its designs are elegant and subtle in color. Fabric is of smooth and comforting velvet or soft leather which then depends on the client to choose as per his preference.

Transitional chic - Sheet2
Branches on Square back bed. ©www.theinside.com
Transitional chic - Sheet1

3. Mid-century modern

Modernist movement of the late 50s was the inspiration for this design style. The style characterized by the use of uncluttered and sleek lines has organic and geometric patterns that are evident in the design which combined with warm colors stand out well in a complementary neutral background.

Mid-century modern - Sheet1
Geometric patterns called Ink Melio for the headboard. ©www.theinside.com
Mid-century modern - Sheet2
Deep blue Sperduti on Tuxedo chair. ©www.theinside.com
Mid-century modern - Sheet3
Deco ottoman in grey geo ©www.theinside.com

4. Relaxed traditionalist

The design is reminiscent of a bygone era but with a twist to give it a more modern look. It features rich colors and symmetrical patterns such as straight lines, checks, polka dots which paired with soft fabrics are very inviting and cozy.

Relaxed traditionalist - Sheet1
Blue checkered pillow cover and headboard with straight lines. ©www.theinside.com
Relaxed traditionalist - Sheet2
Fawn pattern. ©www.theinside.com
Relaxed traditionalist - Sheet3
Delft Chintz for square back bed ©www.theinside.com

5. West coast bohemian

The style features small and simple patterns that are repeated over with cool colors to achieve a bohemian aesthetics. The designs are soothing to the eye and provide a cozy escape to everyone.

West coast bohemian - Sheet1
The bohemian pattern on bed. ©www.theinside.com
West coast bohemian - Sheet2
Mid-century bed in Tusk Doro ©www.sfgirlbybay.com
West coast bohemian - Sheet3
Mid-century bed in Tusk Doro ©www.sfgirlbybay.com

6. The Inside x Scalamandre

In collaboration with 90 years old heritage firm the House of Scalamandre, the Inside launched this style which has been inspired by nature. It has organic prints with a bold color statement. The pattern goes well with scalloped screens, Ottomans, and modern platform beds. The newest fabric in this collection is the flying cheetah pattern.

The Inside x Scalamandre - Sheet1
Quirky orange-colored paired with flying cheetah pattern. ©www.theinside.com
The Inside x Scalamandre - Sheet2
Animal prints for square back bed. ©www.theinside.com

7. Palm beach preppy

The palm beach preppy styles resonate in the 70s classic design with nautical lines, pastel colors and floral patterns. It works well with outdoor furniture to give fun and beach-going look to it. Fabric swatches in this style are ink cabana strips, banana palm, French blue Clarence strips, and cinque tera in different colors.

The Inside x Scalamandre - Sheet1
Outdoor furniture with dotted pattern ©www.theinside.com
Palm beach preppy - Sheet2
French Blue Clarence strips on art deco bed. ©www.theinside.com
Palm beach preppy - Sheet3

8. Modern minimal

It follows a minimalistic approach to design with simple, clean lines, dots, or patterns. It has a monochromatic color palette with a clear and precise transition between areas of color.

Modern minimal - Sheet1
Modern minimal - Sheet2
Navy velvet fabric on modern sectional. ©www.theinside.com

9. The Inside x SF Girl by Bay

The Inside in collaboration with SF girl launched their bohemian-inspired fabric patterns which give an elective vibe to everyday modern furniture designs. It features laid back, simple and clean patterns, and a mono-color melange of unique layers and pastel colors.

The Inside x SF Girl by Bay - Sheet1
Patterned pillow covers. ©www.theinside.com
The Inside x SF Girl by Bay - Sheet2
Patterned cocktail chair. ©www.theinside.com
The Inside x SF Girl by Bay - Sheet3
Cube Storage Ottoman. ©www.theinside.com

10. The Inside x Old World Weavers

One of the most respected luxury textile brands in the industry, Old World Weavers has designed the patterns for these fabric collections. The designs are a perfect melange of a sophisticated modern look with a multicultural aesthetics such as the Siberian tiger pattern inspired by the wildlife of the tundra region.

The Inside x Old World Weavers - Sheet1
Siberian Tiger pattern on Mid-century sofa. ©www.theinside.com
The Inside x Old World Weavers - Sheet2
Tiger print X-bench ©Grace Davis interiors
The Inside x Old World Weavers - Sheet3
Mid-century sofa in Verdure Bois De Chene ©www.theinside.com

This sustainable firm is making buying furniture fun with lots of options and variety to choose from and is a delight for any designers who want their personality added to their designs.

“Your shortcut to a chic home – for every style and budget”- The Inside.



Nitin Mhapsekar is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Architecture. He is upskilling and trying different possibilities for his career. He loves travelling and going on adventures as well as using his leisure time to read fictions, cook and research.

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