The year 2022, has been a year of trends having more warmth, nature and personalization. After almost two years of the pandemic and people staying more at their homes. A change in perspective about how people perceive their homes can be seen. Now the design isn’t restricted to just aesthetics but is also inclined towards comfort, sustainability and a personal reflection of the user. Here are some of the interior design trends 2023 :

Shades of brown: | Interior Design Trends 2023

Colours can impact our emotional well-being. The colour brown, perceived as neutral and natural, induces a sense of comfort, security and earthiness. This is one of the reasons why this colour became one of the top interior design trends 2023. After almost two years of the pandemic, of fear, anxiety and sadness, the brown colour made a strong comeback bringing with its serenity and security. Sitting at home and staring at monochromatic white ceilings, brown brought the much-needed warmth while maintaining a neutral palette and minimalism. The colour also fits in the other trendy shades of pale blue, pink and green, which have been on a rise lately with a rise in maximalism.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet1
Shades of brown_©Becca Interiors

Woven and Rattan furniture:

The year where most of the trends have been about staying grounded and bringing calmness, woven and rattan furniture became quite admired among these trends. Though materials like cane and rattan have been in the picture for years now, these grew more popular this year because of their enduring and classic look. Once considered for outdoor furniture, the demand for these materials has increased as interior pieces as well. These materials bring a sense of calmness and comfort feel and can be used in almost all types of spaces. These pieces offer comfort and charm which makes them a perfect fit for being used in modern, traditional and boho styles.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet2
Woven Cabinet_© R. Julia

Maximalism: | Interior Design Trends 2023

After a long overdose of minimalism over the past years, in 2022 a rise in maximalism can be seen. Maximalism is the art of decorating a space with maximum use of colours, repetitive patterns and prized showstoppers without creating a chaotic space. This year a return to cheerful and warm interiors can be seen. The spaces are now more layered, with different patterns, wallpapers, textures and textiles. Based on the primary principles of more is more, brighter colours, personalization, focusing on comfort and merging styles across different periods, maximalism style has become one of the most popular interior design trends.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet8
Maximalism in Neoclassical influnce_© K Ravi

Multi-functional spaces:

Another popular design trend of 2022 was making the places more flexible. Post-pandemic the need for multi-functional spaces arose since more time was being spent indoors. Since the function of various spaces is being optimized to its fullest, there is now a necessity to expand the scope of these spaces. Multi-functional spaces have become a relevant interior design trend as interior design plans have now become more open plans making these spaces more successful. For instance, a kitchen with an island platform can be utilized for eating as well as a workstation, a living room with a home office acting as a gathering space as well as an office and so on.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet4

Going green: | Interior Design Trends 2023

With the growth in biophilic design, the incorporation of nature into the design has increased significantly. This trend of going green includes adding plants to the interior and using furniture made of natural materials. These natural elements are not just mere design elements, but also contribute to impacting our overall health. As per scientific research, these natural elements play a crucial role in lowering stress levels and reducing anxiety, Today when so much focus is given to making designs more environment-friendly and sustainable, integrating natural elements within the interior is the need of the hour. 

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet3
Indoor plants with furniture_© B. Luisa

Smart home:

The advancement in technology has now entered private homes. Over the years more people have shown interest in making their homes smart. A smart home provides appliances and gadgets like television, music systems, lights and curtains. These devices can be controlled with just a touch of a smartphone. These smart devices provide impressive functions making everyday tasks more convenient and comfortable.  With these smart devices, daily chores like turning on a stove or drawing the curtains are just a click away. Smart homes permit the owners to have a more peaceful lifestyle, as the smart devices work with efficiency and offer a high level of security.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2023 - Sheet5
Living area with smart appliances_© G Dan

3D art:

The idea of having regular and monotonous flat paintings and frames has now been replaced with popping out 3D wall art. Contrary to the previous wall art, people are looking at interesting ways to add fascinating décor elements to their homes. They are now more captivated by the implementation of this three-dimensional art into their spaces. This type of art is very engaging since it creates a dramatic feel and engrosses the viewer. These wall arts can be customized as per the whims and wishes of the owner. These walls arts can also be a reflection of the style, thoughts and personality of the owner when executed thoughtfully. 

3D Wall art_© ArtinReturn
3D Wall art_© ArtinReturn

Quirky pastels: | Interior Design Trends 2023

Pastel colours have a high brightness value but a low saturation as they contain less grey than the other colours. As a result, they have a calming and peaceful energy. Breaking the monotony of colour white and beige, pastel shades have the potential of bringing vibrancy to a space without taking a bold step. These colours ranging from shades of blue, green, pink and even yellow, are silent shades, bringing in tranquillity and positivity. They add cheerfulness to the space gracefully. They add a sophisticated finish to the interiors while grabbing attention quickly, at the same time managing to not be an eye sore for the viewer. These sober tones are elegant creating a timeless look.

Adding pastels colours in interior spaces_©Dezeen
Adding pastels colours in interior spaces_©Dezeen

Bold colours:

With the increase in the trend of maximalism, the use of bold colours has also increased lately. Bold and bright colours can even the simple furniture and art pop. When coordinated well with appropriate textures and fabrics, the right colours can add life to the space. The use of these colours can be kept to the minimum of having a cabinet or an island in pop colour with a neutral colour scheme for the rest of the room. It can even range from having a wall in bright colours to making it an accent wall and an interesting design element. With the diversity that these colours provide in merging with different kinds of styles, people are now up with experimenting with these pop colours to add exuberant cohesion.

Bold Colour combinations_© S Umang_ESI Design Studio
Bold Colour combinations_© S Umang_ESI Design Studio

Layering: | Interior Design Trends 2023

The cohesion of maximalism, bold colours and other trends lead to the accelerated use of layering. The art of layering is the combination of different materials, colours, textures, forms and shapes to add character to a space while striking a balance between all these elements. These days, the idea is to embrace this cohesion and to achieve a new dais of design. Layering aims at connecting these contrasting elements to achieve a seamless look. An eye for detail and good understanding of different materials can result in an interesting pattern made out of these combinations.

Layering in interior designing _© S Umang_ESI Design Studio
Layering in interior designing _© S Umang_ESI Design Studio



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