The year 2021 brought ground-breaking changes: primarily, the need to be closer to nature more than ever with the stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic. Given this stigma, the trend to externalize interior spaces with earthy interior ideas has swept the design scene by far and large. Balcony spaces themselves form an important link to the outdoors, and thus to imbue this spirit of nature in it generates a more harmonious space. 

To create a welcoming, approachable, and perfectly balanced atmosphere in terms of the various elements making it up, here are some ideas that will help you achieve the perfect earthy look for your balcony space. 

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20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet1
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Nudes and whites

1. A minimal colour palette

As wonderful as it is to have bursts of colours erupting in balcony spaces so they pop out, to create a balanced sense of space with an earthy feel, the importance of a neutral colour palette cannot be emphasized enough. Limiting oneself to tones of neutral whites and browns will not only enhance the natural night in the area but also create a sense of lightness and openness of space, especially if the balcony space is small.

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet2
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Wood in vogue

2. Using the earthy interiors

The idea of wooden material in the balcony space is another way to enrich the area. The wood itself is a material that has its own unique finish and texture. Paired with the nude colour palette, as mentioned earlier, it can create a minimalist sense of space. Wood can be used for flooring in the tones of oak or beech and instil a closeness to nature in the balcony space. 

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20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet3
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20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet4
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3. Wood as an earthy cladding

Another use of wood as a material can be for the balconies architecture, i.e., wall cladding such as wooden wall panels, along with covering ceilings with timber boarding. This will create a feeling of openness for the balcony. 

There can never be enough green! 

4. Adding green to the scene

The most obvious yet important element to enhance one’s balcony space with nature is the use of plants. Adding plants, which have such an obvious organic feel, can give the balcony space the warmth of nature. Creating a balcony garden is the best way to get started. Plants such as ferns and succulents can thrive best in earthy interior spaces such as this as they require little maintenance and are adaptive to multiple weather conditions. Other flowering plants that can be used to bring colour to the space include bougainvillaea, geraniums, and gardenias. Plants such as golden bamboo can also be used as a screen to provide privacy to the balcony space. 

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet
72 Ideas for a small balcony_©Homelisty, (2020).

5. Earthy furniture

Using wood as a material for furniture is also another way to enhance the area. Using a variety of wooden textures with their different colours and finishes can help one to avoid making the room look flat. Wooden furniture also has the unique ability to be easily paired up with any other aspect of decoration in the desired space. 

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet6
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Introducing Rattan as the boho-chic trend

6. Rattan furniture as earthy interiors

When it comes to furniture, Rattan is also another option that can be made use of. In 2021, rattan furniture has made a phenomenal comeback because of its budget-friendly, light-weight, durable nature, along with the fact that it gives any space a very chic bohemian look- perfect for earthy interior spaces.

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet7
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Terracotta is the way to go! 

7. Terracotta planters on the go!

Using terracotta planters is also another way to add to the aesthetic of the balcony space. Not only will the colour help the greenery stand out, but the terracotta/clay pots will give the space an organic feel. Pots of different sizes and shapes can be placed to create a complexity of visual space. 

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet8
Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery_©Arizona Pottery (2021).

Layering is adding depth

8. Of jute rugs and more

The addition of jute and neutral-coloured rugs in balcony spaces can be done to create different layers to the space. This can also help to be less bound by rug sizes as the interplay of different materials can create a comfortable environment. 

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet9
How to layer your rugs_©Studio Mcgee, (2020).

Adding the sense of smell and sound to outdoor spaces

9. Introducing aromatics

Aromatics is another aspect that can be incorporated into the balcony space. The sense of smell plays an integral part when it comes to enhancing a user experience. Thus, fragrant plants such as gardenias, lavender and rosemary can be planted. This can also be achieved artificially by using scented candles and reed diffusers that can take the user directly into an earthy interior spatial experience. 

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet10
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10. Grounding the interior with sounds

Sound is another sensory element that can make the space calming for the user. To incorporate this, small portable water fountains can be placed on the balcony. To bring in the element of nature even more realistically, bird feeders made from organic or recycled materials can be placed on the balcony to attract local birds and give the balcony a basic ambience adhering to mother nature.

20 Earthy interiors ideas for enhancing your balcony space - Sheet11
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