Balconies have gained more prominence over the pandemic as it has become a source of liberation in the boundless days of confinement for our safety. The balconies are a premier selling point cause of the view they establish, be it a skyline or a lake view. This semi-enclosed space is much more than that. Apart from the functionality of imbibing good ventilation and daylight strategies, architects have time and again rediscovered this space to redefine its meaning. The balconies have the potential to encompass a core identity into the building, form its façade or pave the way to become a container on its own. The balconies are the language bearers into the streets. To observe and initiate. Let’s delve deep into some of the most unique conceptual approaches to the balconies.

1. L’Arbre Blanc Residential Tower

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet1
L’arbre Blanc Residential Tower ©

Based on the four visions of architects who were set to create a high rise inspired by nature, the primary thought was a trunk branching out to provide shade and comfort. This later transformed into the cantilevered balconies whose protrusion gained sunlight to a great extent. The four-directional projections also direct the skew winds for a better circulatory system. The balconies are complemented by the pergolas to give an elite spacing possibility. Creating such pockets of exploration help people utilize their own outdoor spaces more efficiently. There is a sense of communal engagement well within boundaries.

2. Block Balconies

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet2
Block Balconies ©

Balconies get to form the geometrical frame of the buildings too. In this project by Ofis architects, an attempt to have an optical illusion with embraced colors was put into action. These trapezoidal modules form the canvas of elevated stitch. This establishes dominance in the direction towards the sea view. The color palette forms an identity on its own to each of the flats, a way to break the monotonous identity it holds. Small elements like this have an impact on the wholesome glance of the building. 

3. Bacon Balconies

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet3
Bacon Balconies ©

Sighting a literal meaning, this is a unique take on juxtaposition and creating visual highlights. Made of timber floors and metal railings, they peak a vitality movement onto the simple symmetrical plane faced façade of the building. This is an example of how organic elements can be embedded into the building without overruling the primary prominent feature. 

4. Terraced Balconies

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet4
Terraced Balconies ©

The staggered arrangement experimentation on the high rise buildings has grown popular over the recent decades. The key reason being common access points, exterior environment, transition nodules and a sense of privacy to a certain extent.

With the dense population exponentially rising in the urban context, the need to self sustain, grow gardens will move on to become a necessity rather than just an added feature in the new feature. Here, the terraced gardens form the extended deck of the balconies, which add green blankets to the building. This forms a cascade of outlets to enable the climatological drive and unleash the ability to personalize their gardens in the residents’ minds.

5. Vertical Village 

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet5
Vertical Village ©

A cell unit builds up a massive structure. This Tokyo-based architectural competition winners intended the same with an approach to make a vertical village while playing out on the micro level for a macro impact. The entire block is made of laminated timber panels that help the building breathe, to seep in the green and avoid the massive chunk otherwise formed. This makes way to explore hidden design aspects to bring in the lightness of a treehouse and playground into the building. 

6. Intricate Masharbiyas

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet6
Intricate Masharbiyas ©

The nineteenth-century Arabic architectural work of latticework on the projected windows and balconies have been implemented into the 21st century using kinetic technology. The sensor radiates highly sensitive stimuli response which makes the building work in alignment with the environmental changes. The patterns go beyond the repetitive pattern to match up the eye level on hierarchy and are studied with BIM software to increase efficiency, work out shading prospects, and filter in the sunlight to the interior space. 

7. Kinetic Glass Balcony

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet7
Kinetic Glass Balcony ©

With applications ranging from the residential, commercial and industrial fields these durable panels have opted for easy assembly, transportation and high resistance against corrosion and moisture retention as a major part of the balcony is exposed to the exterior environment. A piston based counter high frameworks with movable panels based on the eyesight level. 

8. Connecting links

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet8
Connecting Links ©

A major approach to the balconies has been to give an identity and sense of privacy to the residents. However, this project takes a unique take on the balconies. They have connecting staircases and decks in between the consecutive balconies to engage a conversation. The zeal to reduce loneliness, most common among single occupants/ old age people this is an example of how planning our buildings shape the lifestyle of its users.

9. Newton’s balcony

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet9
Newton’s Balcony ©

Bastain Architects took on the brief of designing a residence on the corner of two road meetings linking a train station and a primary school route; this balcony embraces the neighborhood, to make an effort for a friendly atmosphere. The cantilevered form extends to form to the street-facing bedroom, to call into the local wood intake.

10. Roof balconies

10 Examples of unique balcony architecture - Sheet10
Roof Balconies ©

Gone are the days when the essential building components had their designated functions. This balcony cum window attached to the roof has an open-close mechanism based on the use. Under weather circumstances, the retractive window can be pulled in and back to step out and enjoy the pleasant weather. 


Harshitha K S is an avid reader, writer and student who believes that the simple habitual observations often spark exceptional ideas. She finds describing spaces through words to an unfamiliar to be engagingly vivid. With sustainability being the matchless shot forward, she hopes to make a worthwhile contribution.