Rustic interiors are generally defined by neutral tones and natural, earthy, rough and aged elements. Various styles come together to create a rustic interior look. Rustic interiors focus on showcasing the core of the space and the elements used. It often exposes its structural features, giving the room a raw feel. 

Unfinished wood and stone are some of the most popular materials associated with the rustic interior aesthetic. Lighter coloured fabrics are used to contrast the heaviness and deep colours of wood and stone. In the modern age, rustic interior living rooms are defined by open floor plans and exposed natural architectural elements. 

Large windows and a basic neutral colour palette create a lighter rustic effect in contrast to the heavy, older rustic aesthetic. Rustic living rooms are being popularized as they have a warm and welcoming vibe. They are cosy yet elegant and have a large scope of adding various elements without straying from the main rustic theme.

1. Private home | Rustic Interiors

 Designer: Betty Lou Phillips

Warm neutrals, wooden beamed ceilings and a layer of patterns add a modern flair. The light coloured stone fireplace is contrasted by the dark wood in the background. The metal chandelier with candles has a medieval touch, completing the rustic living room together. 

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet7
Private home _©

2. Ridgefield barn, Connecticut

Designer: Mark P Finlay architects

Wooden vaulted ceiling and stone-covered walls give the space a modern rustic look. 

Large windows with wooden frames along with light coloured flooring balances the effect of the stone walls. Hues of blue add a pop of colour to the setting, toned down by the grey rug.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet1
Ridgefield barn _©

3. Edson Hill Inn, Vermont

Designer: Gauthier Stacy Inc

The white glossy ceiling and wooden panelling give a fresh perspective and contrast. Lightweight window frames and heavy curtains complement each other. Simple paintings and lighting elements elevate the room, by balancing the heavy furniture placed in the elegant and rustic living room.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet2
Edson Hill Inn _©

4. Highlands Residence, Colorado

Designer: Brewster McLeod Architects

The stone fireplace and dark wood accent give the space a dark rustic feel. A play of textures makes the living room heterogenous.  Roughly cut rubble stone walls and an unfinished stone slab is in contrast to the smooth wooden cabinet. The table in the centre is covered in fur, a softer texture in comparison to the canvas like texture of the sofa. 

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet3
Highlands Residence _©

5. Cliff House, Idaho | Rustic Interiors

Designer: McCall Design and Planning

A neutral palette along with the locally sourced fireplace give this rustic living room a modern edge.

In addition to this, the steel beams and metal window frames and the usage of wood on the ceiling are new elements under the rustic bracket.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet4
Cliff House _©

6. Residential unit 

Designer: Munger Interiors

The wooden ceiling and metal chandelier contrast the white living room. A neutral colour palette and hints of dark wood and metal define the modern rustic living room. Floor to ceiling windows allows large amounts of light to filter in, brightening the place.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet5
Residential unit _©

7. Mountain living, Colorado

Designer: Morgante Wilson

Floor-to-ceiling windows with dark frames and neutral coloured furniture have a new take on rustic interiors. Architecturally, the living room has a minimalistic approach with very few elements. The transparency of the walls makes the room seem extremely huge due to which the weight of the furniture is not felt.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet6
Mountain Living _©

8. Cashiers Showhouse

Designer: Tish Interior Design

The stone fireplace and wooden ceilings with dark coloured furniture are typical of rustic interior living rooms. The furniture also adds the element of luxury. A variety of textures used in the living room creates interest and breaks the monotony.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet8
Cashiers showhouse _©

9. Watch Hill Guest House

Designer: Bardes Interiors

The light moulded panels on the accent wall and the mantel adds a countryside twist to the rustic living room. Wooden panels are also observed on the sloping roof of the house. The subtle coloured stones on the fireplace balance the hues of white used in the rest of the very elegant living room. 

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet9
Watch Hill Guest House _©

10. Montana Ski House, Montana | Rustic Interiors

Designer: Gary McBournie Inc

Floor to ceiling windows with wooden frames and wooden columns add to the structural aesthetic. The wooden sloping roofs grains and the textured stone wall gives the room a natural feel. The dark wood is neutralized by the light neutral coloured furniture. The patterned rug on the floor adds a lot of interest and ties the rustic room together.

30 Examples of Rustic interiors for living rooms - Sheet10
Montana Ski House _©


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Kavya Turaga is a third year architecture student from Bangalore. She believes that every building has a story and a soul, which helps in understanding its unique character. She finds inspiration in the smallest of things and is passionate about architectural photography.