21. Color scheme for Interior design

30 Examples of split complementary color scheme in Interiors - Sheet23
Split Complementary_©Tessa Chrisp

The red-pink bedroom bench complements the blue-green sofa chairs while the yellow provides just the right amount of pop needed for the room.


30 Examples of split complementary color scheme in Interiors - Sheet24
Split Complementary_©design-milk.com

Against a white backdrop, the yellow acts as the focal point. The green from the cupboard and purple from the carpet and flowers support the yellow by creating the right ambience. 


Split Complementary_©www.pinterest.com

Against a yellow wall, the blue and the red-orange create the perfect combination without disturbing the room.


Split Complementary_©Camilla Molders Design

The blue-green wall helps the red to stand out while the yellow quietly supports the other two colours without creating conflict. 

25. Color scheme for Interior design

Split Complementary_©www.pinterest.com

The white wall and table help the orange, yellow and blue chairs to create a pop of colours that is pleasant to the eye.


Split Complementary_©www.idealhome.co.uk

These shades of yellow, red-orange and green help each other stand out without making it too messy. They go perfectly well with each other without creating a disturbance.


Split Complementary_©nicholas worley

The pastel shades create a mellow ambience. However, the intensity of the colours creates a classy and beautiful room.


Split Complementary_©houseofturquoise.com

The blue chairs are the highlight of the room, while the orange accentuated it and the specks green through plants adds a highlight.


Split Complementary_©Zachary Maxwell Stertz

This modern kitchen is set against a white background. Hence colours are needed to brighten up the room. Blue seating creates a cozy corner while the red in the cushion covers and stool seats compliment it. The specks of yellow add a fun detail in the form of light or the food served.

30. Color scheme for Interior design

Split Complementary_©Michael Paul

Blue-green, red and yellow are the colours used. The kitchen has a rustic look which is mainly due to the blue-green. However the yellow creates a happy ambience while the red adds a joyful detail too.

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