Kim Kardashian West is an unscripted television star, web-based media influencer, and business visionary. She rose to notoriety in 2007 on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her family’s E! unscripted TV drama that follows the everyday lives of the Kardashian-Jenner group. She additionally runs KKW Beauty, a fruitful delight and scent line. American producer, rapper, and fashion designer who parlayed his creation achievement in the last part of the 1990s and mid-2000s into a vocation as a well-known, widely praised solo artist, and he owns Adidas Yeezy in collaboration with Adidas. Kim and Kanye got married in 2014, and needless to mention, they own a lot of money. Kanye’s interest in art, architecture and design is a long story. He is very definite on what he wants in his house and how to achieve that and the Kanye West house in Chicago is quite popular. Here’s a look at houses the couple own.

The Minimalist Mansion (Calabasas, CA) | Kanye West House in Chicago

An inside look at all the houses owned by Kim and Kanye - Sheet1
Kim and Kanye with their kids inside the Minimalist Mansion with a sculpture., Kanye West House in Chicago © 

The current headquarters of the Kardashian-West family is a $60 million previous McMansion transformed into a wabi-sabi-motivated dreamscape by Belgian creator Axel Vervoordt. The 15,000-square-foot home in Hidden Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, is white start to finish—that is, aside from North’s beautiful in-pink room. The obsession with art is quite evident as this household has so many art pieces. The standout of this house would be the dimension of the spaces, as there isn’t a single room which can be termed as small. All the primary spaces attach themselves to the complementary function serving spaces. An expression of continuity as there is minimal segregation between the spaces and the transition is smooth. The common bathroom is sky-lit, the children’s bathtub mimics the sink, and the actual sink doesn’t look like one. Kanye, Axel Vervoordt, and Claudio Sylvestrin poured their intellect to design the sink that just looks like a plain surface with a hole to drain the water off. The bedrooms are attached to the walk-in closet as big as the room itself. The kitchen seems as professional as a restaurant with the pantry arranged in a very organized manner.

An inside look at all the houses owned by Kim and Kanye - Sheet2
The Minimalist Mansion, Hallway. © 
An inside look at all the houses owned by Kim and Kanye - Sheet3
The Minimalist Mansion, Living Room, Kanye West House in Chicago  © 

The Mansion (Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, CA) | Kanye West House in Chicago

The couple likewise bought a four-room, 3,900-square-foot house on a neighboring 4.5 parcel to their fundamental house, hence growing the compound. Gracious, and they’ve grabbed up another contiguous parcel—this one simply 1.5 sections of land—for $2.7 million. In any case, you can’t put a cost on purchasing out your neighbors for protection!

Although we envision the tattle lustrous staples and fashion show stalwarts will bulldoze or, in any event, drastically redesign the current habitation, a solitary story, around 1954 farm home that has, per posting subtleties, four rooms and three washrooms in 2,842 square feet. The house, every single low roof, and wood floors apparently from a couple of photos included computerized promoting materials open to a gigantic deck, a long piece of the level yard, and a covered porch the size of a little domesticated animal outbuilding.

The City Apartment (New York, NY)

Planned by Claudio Silvestrin, Kim and Kanye’s previous one-room, 2,427-square-foot SoHo condo was made available with CORE Real Estate in September 2019. Initially Kayne’s single man cushion, the house is right now in agreement, with the latest cost recorded at $3.99 million, down from its unique requesting cost of $4.7 million.

The space has 10-foot roofs and an open floor plan. The living and feasting spaces have perspectives on the north and east Manhattan. Space has one room, yet “could undoubtedly be changed over to incorporate another,” says Beare, and one-and-a-half washrooms, which have in-floor warming.

The city apartment © 

Yeezy HQ (Cody, Wyoming)| Kanye West House in Chicago

Kanye purchased 4500 acres of the ranch to realize his vision of Yeezy’s headquarters. He says his architectural team has been devising a design for his soon-to-be office. With the dream of having multiple headquarters over different properties, he just doesn’t want to restrict himself to Yeezy. His plans include practicing horticulture as well with the professionals of the field. The farm, which traverses many sections of land of lush fields with a background of sensational mountain view, incorporates an eatery and cantina, a farm-style occasion scene, an upkeep shoppe, a place of business, and farm enhancements including horse stables, sheds, corrals, storage spaces, and a best in class shooting range.

The 320-Acre Yeezy Home Property (Calabasas, CA)

Here’s the place where things begin getting somewhat strange. In 2019, Kim and Kanye bought a 320-section of a land bundle of land in Calabasas close to their Hidden Hills home. That is not the abnormal part. What’s peculiar is that Kanye began building prefab domed constructions as low-pay lodging on the property (recollect his tweet about Yeezy Home?), however, they were because that he didn’t have fitting structure licenses. That’s right, seems like Kanye.

Yeezy Studio (Calabasas, CA)| Kanye West House in Chicago

a 1970s-period two-story solid place of business; its layered formwork and dark reflected glass are almost indistinguishable from the about six or so close by. Inside, simply past security, order’s vital for West’s Gesamtkunstwerk, to track down the German expression for his widely inclusive undertaking which is unconstrained by any regular thought of the brand. Perron planned the new HQ and has worked with West for over 10 years, making everything from collection covers to organize sets. He portrays their interaction as a twelve-year-long roundabout discussion that circles all through every one of their lives. Thus, the planned approach unites covering and once in a while contending impacts: Brutalism, essentialism, utilitarianism, and Postmodernism.

Yeezy Studio in Calabasas, CA, Kanye West House in Chicago ©Nicholas Cope

The flamboyant personality of Kanye matches Kim’s fan following but their taste of architecture is completely on the other side of it as they have preferred minimalism as their favourite adopted architectural style. Although the list doesn’t end here. There are a lot of properties they have purchased but have just not started with making a dwelling out of it, and also many properties bought and sold.


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