As we live in an important era of history that impacted the world and each human on earth to the greatest extent “the era of COVID-19”. One never imagined working, exercising, eating, schooling, and entertainment from home. Our homes were perceived as a zone of comfort and housing chores. Today, however, the pandemic marks a shift in our behaviour and psychology. It would be interesting to observe how our society adapts to the changes.

One of the paradigm shifts that we may see altering is architectural and interior design consciousness. We need common areas to accentuate the feeling of togetherness. At the same time, privacy may need to be emphasized either through physical demarcations like doors, partition walls, accordion doors, etc., creating activity-specific zones for different individuals. 

A post-pandemic space might integrate multiple activities and will allow us to remain productive and safe. Lockdown experiences will surely have a lasting impact on our lives, many of us will be rethinking the kind of life they want to live now. Here are some of the interior ideas to create an environment for our comfort and well-being.  

1. Minimalist Interior

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet1
Minimalism ©

The minimalist way of life, inspired by Scandinavian homes, urges us to purchase things that are helpful, aesthetic, and planned. Less is more would be best – and the mess is a no-no. This idea has been clear in our changing decision of craft as well. As we move into one year from now, developments, for example, the line art will bloom. As well as enthusiasm for straightforward, intriguing, highly contrasts photography.

2. Plants Can Be Real, Dried, Or Faux

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House Plants ©

House plants have been a major pattern for a very long time. Today, the indoor wilderness glows. Yet, as the human connection with the rest of the world develops, people are understanding that excellent botanicals don’t generally need to be genuine.  

Let’s be honest that tropical palm you’ve had your eye on most likely won’t survive close to your dehumidifier. If for any reason unknown the genuine article simply doesn’t work out, go to artificial. There are such countless practical looking options accessible nowadays and they’re regarded in the most recognized plan circles.

3. Bohemian Style

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet3
Bohemian style ©

The free-soul creature of Interior Design Styles, the bohemian plan releases tone, surface, and example such that offers loose and one-of-a-kind aesthetics. It is varied, no doubt, with a gesture towards worldwide impact and an appeal to any individual who needs to give their home an individual touch. 

4. Partition To Create Multifunctional Space

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet4
Multifunctional space ©

The purpose of providing a partition wall or an accordion wall is to provide an activity-designated space. Also, it provides a sense of privacy to the inhabitants. It allows a room to perform various functions such as a bedroom, workspace, gym, classroom, and entertainment.  

5. Nature’s Essence

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet5
Nature ©Manolo Yllera

In Portugal is a project by architect Miguel Câncio Martins, where nature is the essence of design. The architect invited artists such as Patrick Michel for the design of the apartments, Bela Silva, who made several sculptures, and George Pelletier, who was in charge of developing the handcrafted plaster lights. 

Louis Albert de Broglie, also known as the “Prince Jardinier”, also participated in the project and played a determining role in the rebirth of nature through his dedication to organic or ecological agriculture. This allows guests to taste various organic products from the garden during their stay.

6. Bedroom Cum Workspace

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet6
Workspace and bedroom ©tuananh_eke

This paradigm shift has created a need for space such as our bedrooms or living rooms to perform a multitude of outdoor functions integrated into our homes or a specific to act differently for different individuals.  

7. Indoor-outdoor Built Connection

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet7
Design: Benn and Penna, Styling: Claire Delmar ©Prue Ruscoe

Pebbles and pot plants are great easy-to-maintain options for a courtyard of this newly built home in Balmain. Sliding doors connect the indoor and outdoor areas, making it feel like one big space. Providing better ventilation and light creates a happier space.  

8. Sanitation Facility At Entrance

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet8
Sanitation ©

Having a sanitation facility in our homes or a workspace is the need of this hour to prevent any kind of germs from traveling inside your house. Providing this at the entrance will kill the virus at the entrance itself and prevent spreading any kind of infection. 

9. Windows For Openness And Light

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet9
Openness ©

If a person is isolated, concealed in a particular space, it could adversely affect them psychologically, creating a negative mood and atmosphere. Each person needs a consistent change in the environment, we can’t stay in a particular space for longer durations. 

In these unusual times, we are medically restricted to be in our homes for our safety, but we can have a lively environment in our homes and in our personal spaces as well. Openness provides life in space. This can be achieved with a large opening, transition from an enclosed space to an open zone, windows with deep sill size, open window shaped and positioned according to the views provides a sense of freedom and change.  

10. Colour Palette For Calm Atmosphere

10 Interior design trends seen in 2020 - Sheet10
Colour Palette ©

Color has the power to transform a room, whether it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. But pinpointing the perfect color for your space can be quite tricky sometimes. From rich, moody hues to elegant neutrals, there could be loads of options, but during these extraordinary times, we should prefer subtle, calming colors for our space. As color directly impacts the thoughts and psychology of a person. 


A highly motivated architecture student, environmentalist, reader & an energetic person, Vibhuti Bhambri is interested in various sustainable, historical, traditional and economical aspects of architecture, curious to learn, research and spread this knowledge via blogs and writings. Aiming to use knowledge and experience in day to day life.