As an architect in private residential, Vincent Delfosse specializes in renovations and constructions in Brussels, the south of Belgium, and abroad.

When he starts off a new project to renovate or build a new home, he is always inspired by the place and its space.

Design team : Vincent Delfosse
Area : 1060-Bruxelles – Belgium- Europe
Year : 2017
Location : 1490-Sart-Messire-Guillaume – Belgium
Consultants : none
Photography credits: Vincent Delfosse
Other credits : none

Sart-Messire-Guillaume by Atelier d' Architecture Vincent Delfosse - Sheet4
©Vincent Delfosse

« Understanding the context is crucial » he says.

Rather than trying to impose a new vision, its inspiration comes from a context examination/understanding and a sensation.

In Sart-Messire-Guillaume, the name is already a source of inspiration. But above all, what makes the place unique are the buttresses of the old houses which announce a village on the ridge and its gentle valley.

Sart-Messire-Guillaume by Atelier d' Architecture Vincent Delfosse - Sheet5
©Vincent Delfosse

Travelling extensively through Western architecture has allowed him to appreciate the importance of celebrating the architecture in its context, its reality, traditions and evolutions. « It’s certainly not the same to build in Chicago or Bombay, Brussels or Paris ! » he says. The same principle applies across villages and regions : they all share a unique history on differents levels, and identity.

Sart-Messire-Guillaume by Atelier d' Architecture Vincent Delfosse - Sheet7
©Vincent Delfosse

As an architect, he is inevitably confronted to question modern architecture. In this case, he always refer back to the Antiquity, but also to the vernacular side of architecture. « The modernism has passed and the revolution is made. After the taboula rasa, it is time to recompose with the valid elements of the past ».

Sart-Messire-Guillaume by Atelier d' Architecture Vincent Delfosse - Sheet8
©Vincent Delfosse

He thinks that today, more than ever, the planet is asking us to look for the wealth we have around us, not on the other side of the world, or in the abstract part of our brain. What is right for materials is also right for the forms. « Let’s leave algorithmic performance to ingeneers and science, the quest for humanism is a subject as important and rich as it is essential today ».

Vincent Delfosse is also a designer. n SMG, he made the library in the living room.

Atelier d’ Architecture Vincent Delfosse


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