“Seamlessly blending natural materials with contemporary aesthetics that define a lifestyle of understated luxury.” That is how the architects at Box Design Studio introduce an elegant apartment they designed. This fusion of elegance and practicality is reflected in the design elements and spaces created that complement the opulence of the apartment. This beautiful apartment is located in the culturally and architecturally rich city of Pune.

Project Name – Penthouse Luxe
Stduio Name– The Box Design Studio
Project Category – Interior Design
Project Location – Sangria , NIBM, Pune.
Project Size – 8000 Sq. ft
Architect / Designer – Ar. Rushab Munot
Photographer – Relic Studio

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The client wanted to create a home that had a flavour of the serenity and calm of Pune, yet was away from the hustle bustle of the city. The outcome is a generous and peaceful family residence, offering “hotel-like facilities.” Beneath its initially unassuming facade, this residence emanates a welcoming ambiance. The apartment exudes a warmth in the interiors that is complemented by lush green elements sprinkled throughout. Taking a warm and understated approach, the architect discovered distinctive methods to mirror the client’s character within the apartment. By emphasising functionality, each element in the home serves a purpose in enhancing creativity.

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The initial level is structured to encompass the terrace and outdoor seating, creating an environment where, when the living area is open, the distinction between interior and exterior becomes indiscernible. The extensive stretch of glass can be fully opened to seamlessly connect with the beautiful view. This level was designated for communal living spaces, while the upper floor was reserved for two specious bedroom & family room. The architect opted to create an expansive and brightly illuminated 00-square-foot space on the first floor. This area seamlessly combines a living room, dining and open plan kitchen with the house’s glass walls fully opened, the atmosphere is reminiscent of dining in an outdoor setting.

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The home’s uniform material palette fosters cohesion across spaces, each maintaining its distinct character through innovative layouts, wooden panelling, and art. A huge terrace featuring a breathtaking view of the city offers the ideal spot for leisurely weekends or starting an active daily routine. It’s thoughtfully placed beside the living room and the upper-level bedrooms, enhancing the “villa-in-the-air” sensation. Vertical lines are accentuated wherever possible, eliminating horizontal divisions and elevating the spatial experience. The material selection includes beige travertine flooring, Italian marble, composite quartz counters, wallpapers, Grey Oak veneer, composite leather panelling, complemented by accents in rose gold, bronze mirror finishes, and metal.

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In the living room, there’s a combination of both traditional and modern furniture. A few sofas are positioned around a cluster of centre tables made from bronze, wood, and brass, overlooking a lofty double-height space. The marble, flowing throughout the home, imparts a classical and elegantly aged charm. Meticulously chosen furniture lends an opulent and sophisticated ambiance to the house. Soft pastel hues on the walls provides an ideal backdrop. This recently designed space is a grand yet subtly refined creation. A captivating illusion wallpaper graces the expansive backdrop, infusing splendour into the atmosphere. This vivid graphic wallpaper adds to the dynamic energy. The minimalist residence exudes a subtle elegance, yet it maintains a distinct charm with its collection of unique conversation starters. The living area seamlessly extends to a spacious outdoor double-height deck, accessible through expansive full-height windows. This connection provides the feeling of residing in a private villa with its own outdoor sanctuary. The terrace reflects the beautiful skies with its shades of grey, blue, pink and green. The lighting and furniture perfectly complement its ambience.

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The kitchen seamlessly marries function and aesthetics, combining closed and open design elements while adhering to the overarching palette. The island platform maximises space efficiency. Its clean layout and distributed areas enhance usability. The kitchen seamlessly connects with the dining room and harmonises with its natural surroundings. A partition wall that can be opened or closed at will provides great functionality without taking too much space. The dining is all monochrome with highlights of metal used in the minimal shelves, lighting and ceiling. The puja room is another great example of how using specific materials is enough to bring out its essence. The semi-transparent quartz backdrop is illuminated with lighting at the back to create a halo like effect. A metal gate helps keep up with the theme of the house.

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The upper level is accessed via a staircase that serves as both a decorative element and a functional structure, blending light, form, and utility. Its treads are crafted in wood, and create a beautiful visual element. A stabile neatly ties the greenery and the wooden staircase together. All elements combined, the staircase in itself is a frame to admire. The two main bedrooms, akin to the rest of the house, embrace nature through huge windows. Additionally, the architect took into account the clients’ desire to overlook the cityscape while maintaining privacy.  Large windows blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The final result, particularly during sunset, is “exceptional.” Large floor to ceiling windows makes it look bigger and brighter. Natural light floods into the room, bathing the warm wooden floors that are left exposed except for a small foot rug near the bed. The bedrooms don’t shy away from blending diverse colours and materials. They are graced by delicate mirrors and lights, imparting a subtle sense of intimacy while highlighting a prominent accent colour. The minimalist bathrooms seamlessly incorporate marble and wood, blending them into the room’s design. The white bathtub is a nice contrast to the black marble floors and walls. Add some mood lighting and greenery, and that makes a picturesque bathroom. The kid’s bedroom showcases a great use of space such that, despite having two beds, a study table, a to unit and a wardrobe, there is ample space for the kids to play or just move around. Even though it uses a blue paint to highlight, it doesn’t wander away from subtlety. The nursery uses an abstract flooring and small bursts of colour, making it appealing to the kids but also ensuring it ties in with the rest of the theme. The wall is a playful take on shapes, colours and creativity. A huge world map placed off centre on the wall adds a nice touch to the room. A cosy circular cut out in the wall is another creative way to add seating for the children.


The blend of opulence and brilliance aligns seamlessly with functional design features. This unity of luxury and visual appeal creates a rich, sensory experience. The interiors seamlessly blend straight and curved lines within a radiant, pristine white palette, all in line with the client’s desired “modern yet classic” style. The architects aimed to fashion the apartment such that it embodies both dynamism and a sense of weightlessness, as per the client’s wishes. A prevailing motif that runs consistently is the removal of barriers between indoors and outdoors, reflecting a characteristic often seen in Mediterranean residences.


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