Nordland Arkitekter has designed a proposal for the new wetland museum in Fetsund, Norway.

The Museum is placed in direct connection with the river Glomma, that has been used for transporting logs in the past.

Studio Name: Nordland Arkitekter
Design Team: Simon Hou-Vangsaae Reseke and Henrik Drejer Andersen
Area: Norway
Year: 2020
Location: Fetsund, Glomma
Photography Credits: Nordland Arkitekter

The Wetland Museum by Nordland Arkitekter - Sheet2
©Nordland Arkitekter

The project aims to create a sustainable building with a wooden construction connecting the past and the present, research, education, information and experiences under one unifying roof.

Interacting with the area’s unique nature and history the project creates a strong platform for visitors and tourism to explore the area’s site-specific potentials.

The Wetland Museum by Nordland Arkitekter - Sheet3
©Nordland Arkitekter

The design of the project is based on a landscape reading of the area, the existing vegetation, the orientation of the site and the surrounding buildings. The functions of the building are established under a unified roof in close visual connection with the surrounding nature and river.

Inspired by the sky and the river, the sculptural roof gives the project a distinct identity and contributes to creating a strong attraction in the area.

The Wetland Museum by Nordland Arkitekter - Sheet4
©Nordland Arkitekter

The roof is shaped after the surroundings and is stepped down at both ends towards the surrounding low-rise buildings.

The wave of the roof is actively used to integrate the single and double height functions of the building ensuring optimal logistical and experiential qualities.

Two continuous spaces, in the form of an arrival hall and a reception hall, divide the functions of the house and create access to the house from both the water and the land side. The entrance area is linked to a path connecting the small marina towards Svelle in the north and a new boat bridge towards Glomma in the south. This connection becomes a hinge between the land and water sides.

The public oriented functions such as restaurant, auditorium and museum shop are established on the east side of the central arrival space. On the other side the administration, research and teaching facilities are placed around an inner courtyard that ensures daylight and views to all workspaces.

The Wetland Museum by Nordland Arkitekter - Sheet5
©Nordland Arkitekter

To the far west, the building’s operations department with workshops and storage will be directly connected to the building’s goods delivery.

At the center of the building, where the roof is raised, a first floor is created in direct connection with the building’s arrival space.

In this place, above the permanent functions of the house you will find the magnificent, flexible exhibition space with view of the surrounding nature. The exhibition area under the undulating roof creates a special link between the indoor exhibitions and the surrounding nature.


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