The entire construction of the data center with a diesel farm is located in a protected area of company MND Drilling & Services.

Studio Name: P.P Architects s.r.o.
Design Team: Ing. arch. Pavel Pekár, Ing. arch. Ondřej Mundl, Ing. arch. Tomáš Págo
Year: 2015
Location: Lužice, Czech Republic
Other Credits: Construction of the South Moravian Region 2015 – 2nd place

DATA CENTER LUŽICE by P.P Architects s.r.o - Sheet2
©P.P Architects s.r.o.

It was implemented as a new building, and then according to valid regulations for the type of buildings, not only here in Czech Republic but also in accordance with international standards for companies Uptime Institute Tier III.

DATA CENTER LUŽICE by P.P Architects s.r.o - Sheet4
©P.P Architects s.r.o.

Given the fact that the fundamental technology required for successful operation of the data centers are also an important source of noise, the new building dilatation is divided into two sections, on a quiet part of the predominantly administrative operations and a part of the technology.

DATA CENTER LUŽICE by P.P Architects s.r.o - Sheet7
©P.P Architects s.r.o.

The center contains a wide range of modern technologies ensuring energy independence and a superior security to protect information technology in the data room.

It then forma the true heart of the building and actually modern bank data.


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