6th September, 2023 Space Matrix, a leading workplace design, and build company, recently executed a holistic workplace design revamp project for MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company. The newly designed workspace sets new industry standards by infusing the very essence of the MakeMyTrip brand into every aspect of its spatial planning.

Project Name: MakeMyTrip’s Office into a Futuristic Workspace
Studio Name: Space Matrix
Location: Bangalore
Date: 6th September, 2023

MakeMyTrip's Office into a Futuristic Workspace by Space Matrix - Sheet2
©Space Matrix

The newly designed office, spanning an impressive 57,000 square feet, is located in Helios Business Park, Bangalore. It stands as a testament to the unique vision of MakeMyTrip and the innovative approach of Space Matrix. By embracing the concept of ‘brand destination,’ Space Matrix has created an immersive workspace that reflects the essence of MakeMyTrip and captivates visitors and employees alike.

As a premier travel platform in India, MakeMyTrip wanted its office design to reflect the brand ethos, and cultivate a sense of belonging among the people by making them feel proud of the work they do and the organization they work for. Another key mandate was to ensure that the brand-centric design of the office space attracts fresh talent and enables superior talent retention. It was envisaged that this could be achieved by creating a design that reflected the brand elements and fostered a sense of collaboration among the employees. Further, it was also conceptualized to serve as a space for healthy socializing, and efficient, stress-free working.

Space Matrix embarked on the design journey with a bold intent—to curate an environment that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to choose their own adventure. The idea was to craft a collaborative oasis that breathes and lives the vibrant culture of MakeMyTrip.  The workspace has been designed to ignite creativity, fuel innovation, and spark connections. From cozy nooks to buzzing hubs, the bespoke office space beckons MakeMyTrip’s team to unleash their full potential and thrive in a setting that truly embodies their spirit.

Speaking about this, Aruna Ramakrishnan – Associate Director, Space Matrix, said, “During our visioning exercise with MakeMyTrip, it was evident that they wanted thematic spaces and setup. As a travel agency that curated journeys for others, they loved a great story. The idea was to fuse the brand story with the office design in a way that it made users feel proud about the work they do, and aligned with the brand persona. Further, it had to evoke that ‘wow’ feeling that would make a great impression on fresh talent, and make retention easier for the company. Equipped with this vision, we created a story that was about MMT—authentic and ‘THEM…’ The ‘Culture Cafe’ serves as the social hook, inviting everyone who enters the space. It is designed to create a sense of drama and bring life to the arrival experience. We wanted a first impression that lingers on everyone’s mind and subtly speaks of the brand through nuanced design elements.”

MakeMyTrip's Office into a Futuristic Workspace by Space Matrix - Sheet3
©Space Matrix

Adding further, Maj. Rajneesh Sharma, Director – HR & Admin , MakeMyTrip, said, “We are thrilled with the outcome of this collaborative effort. What we wanted was an office space reflective of the work ethos, our culture, and the vibrancy of innovation. It had to be a space that made everyone feel harmonious, relevant, and proud of being a part of MMT. Space Matrix truly understood our vision and has created an office space that goes beyond our expectations. The design perfectly encapsulates our brand identity and fosters an environment where our team members can thrive. This new workspace will undoubtedly inspire our employees to continue curating extraordinary journeys for our customers.”

Space Matrix achieved the perfect blend of MMT’s brand persona, and the work-related needs of a futuristic office by deeply delving into the unique aspects of both. The team researched on ‘why people travel’, and then leveraged the various traveller types to create spaces that are innovative, collaborative, fun, and reflective of what MMT does.

The team designed spaces that reflect the needs of different types of travellers such as globetrotters, the pilgrims, the glampers, and the transient ones. The materials used in the design were sourced with a focus on creating signature vibes of different parts of the world. For instance, they incorporated old wooden blocks procured from local artists in Rajasthan to promote local craftsmanship and sustainability.

Space Matrix’s exemplary work in designing MakeMyTrip’s office reaffirms the firm’s position as a global leader in workplace design. With their innovative approach and commitment to creating dynamic and future-ready work environments, Space Matrix continues to revolutionize office spaces across industries.

About Space Matrix

Founded in 2001, Space Matrix is a leading workplace design and build company that leverages the transformative power of design to create thriving communities within organizations. Our dynamic, agile, and digitally-driven enterprise specializes in delivering profitable, sustainable, and future-ready workplace solutions. Operating in 16 locations across Australia, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and the United States, we are committed to revolutionizing the industry on a global scale.

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