The Big Bang Theory is an American television sitcom created in 2003 by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show initially centred on five characters living in California. It was filmed in front of live spectators and produced by Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre Productions. It received mixed reviews in the first season, but its fandom escalated as new seasons aired. 

The show created a large fan base, and Sheldon Cooper, one of the lead roles in the show, delivered a unique character through the storyline. The show was brilliantly portrayed and appreciated globally.

Sheldon as an Architect - Sheet5
(, 2021)


Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory is a fictional character, played by Jim Parsons, who has signs of Asperger Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. The character is shown to have a high IQ but faces difficulty in social interaction. He has his own set of rules which are experimented and concluded, and Sheldon follows them religiously. He was known for his arrogant ways and high intellect and believed that he was cleverer than most other people around him and looked down upon them, his friends included. 

Though Sheldon was intelligent, the character made mistakes in the show but was full of himself and followed narcissism. He was rude and self-centred sometimes on the show but is still dear to his large fan base.

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(The, 2021)

Attention to Details

In my opinion, if Sheldon was an architect, his designs would be very thoughtful and precise. At the beginning of the show, he talks about staircase details that give the audience a hint how attentive Sheldon is to all the details. As it is shown in the show that he had placed all the furniture in his house according to the ease of circulation, access, and other scientific reasons, it can be expected from him that his interventions would be well- thought and well-executed. 

The extent of reasoning he had for placing small furniture in the house was exemplary. Also, the prime areas he would use in his space were appropriately mapped and accordingly planned.  

Sheldon as an Architect - Sheet3
(, 2021)

Contextual Study

It can also be noted that as Sheldon had immense knowledge about the history and background of various cultures, literature, science, and technology, he would excel at researching thoroughly about the purpose of any structure and design in alignment with their history or background. The practice of including context study in his interventions would be a chief parameter. However, Sheldon is perceived to not design structures that are too organic as he seems to work with right angles and linear circulation patterns. Overall, the designs would not be too conceptual but flexible and blockage-free.


His design philosophy would follow Brutalist Architecture. It is clear that Sheldon is a narcissist and believes in his principles which were not too dramatized and minimalistic yet logical his infrastructure would also showcase the unclad building materials and structural elements over decorative and ornamental designs.  

Sheldon as an Architect - Sheet7
(, 2021)

Science and Technology

The volume of knowledge Sheldon possesses in the field of science and technology is solid proof that his structure would be ahead of time and present marvels of sci-fi to the world. He would use extraordinary techniques using technology to make his designs interactive. Today, architecture has taken colossal steps in the material and construction industry, and Sheldon is tremendously expected to contemplate these advancements in his designs as well. As he is interested in science and technology, he would take up various projects of designing research centres, comprehensive centres, educational and training buildings.

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(, 2021)

Public Movement

Sheldon had mapped his living space and identified his circulation pattern regularly to avoid any hindrance in his movement, make it simple, and barrier-free. This portrays that he would be conscious about the public movement on the site and try to avoid any intersections and crossovers of vehicles and pedestrian movement. He would be considerate about the circulation pattern in different structures and devise a strong network of walkways and driveways. 

He would also treat the road network with trees on the sides and semi-open/ open or closed roofs to provide shade while travelling (according to the requirement of the intervention), as he invests a lot of time in details.

Sheldon as an Architect - Sheet1
(, 2016)

Climate Control

Sheldon had regulated the temperature of his house according to a typical human comfort level. He had arranged his sofa set in a way that it would be able to receive sufficient light and ventilation. He studied the sun’s movement and changes in wind direction patterns to effectively place all the furniture in his house. This distinctly proves that he is sensitive to climatology and will design buildings that efficiently use the resources the site has to offer, and environment-friendly structures. 

Sheldon as an Architect - Sheet2
(, 2021)

Sheldon would build structures and spaces that would create history and be looked at as inspiration by various aspiring architects. He would introduce an altogether new perspective of science and technology in the field of architecture. His designs would be highly flexible and error-free, precisely like his famous line on the show, “Don’t you think if I were wrong, I’d know it?”


Smriti considers Architecture to be an expression of art and is on the road of building many such expressions for the world to experience. She is passionate and motivated to explore the countless angles of architecture design and media. She stays positive and loves to travel.

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