How our Architecture and Spaces will transform when we overcome this Coronavirus Pandemic?

Today the Biggest challenge human mankind is facing is global warming and then came
CORONA. While we were still busy contemplating finding out ways and measures in architecture to combat global warming suddenly we see that before global warming will hit the world, CORONA will Finish the Humans.

I still wonder how many of us as Architects have realized seriously that Global Warming was an Issue to be addressed and now its the COVID 19 Pandemanic which will be an issue to be addressed by all of us ASAP cause this will give us no time as compared to global warming. The COVID 19 Pandemanic will require serious deliberations by all architects in all there design of space with personal and public habitations which should deal with the issues pertaining to health, safety and security of each individual.

Coronyism of Architecture-Dramatic effect of coronavirus lockdowns seen from space
The map shows the sharp decline in emissions over China between early January and late February as parts of the country went on lockdown in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus. Source: © NASA Earth Observatory

The new coronavirus’s impact on China is so stark that it can be seen from space — as a dramatic drop in air pollution, according to data from U.S. and European satellites. Orbital instruments designed to monitor air quality picked up a substantial drop in the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution since January. NO2 is a harmful substance emitted by gas vehicles, power plants and other machines that burn fossil fuels. The decline is likely related to an economic slowdown and travel restrictions in China since the virus became widespread, according to a statement from NASA Earth Observatory.

Corona Pandemanic (COVID 19) ever Since it erupted in China and Spread across countries. It Made a lot of Environmental Impact which are Starkly visible today. Across the countries, the environments are experiencing these sudden changes in the Environment.

Coronavirus Architecture
Water and Air are getting clearer across many nations as one of the environmental impacts of Coronavirus. Source:

Cities are Experiencing Cleaner Air and Clearer Waters because of Lockdown. This is the Time for introspection of the impact we are creating on the environment by our actions. And we should be deliberating the actions we should now be taking when this crisis is overcome.

Coronavirus Architecture
Lakhs of endangered Olive Riley turtles return to Odisha’s coast for nesting as humans are locked inside. source:

The Architecture also will have to reform and address the cautions and precautions that
will be needed for the health and safety of individuals. The transformation that should be addressed in public spaces shall be. Alike security screening. Health screening should become an integral part of public spaces. Especially the public transport theatres malls and gathering spaces where the mass gatherings happen will have to have adequate measures for such check-ups and also adequate planned spaces for post corrective measures.

Coronavirus Architecture
Image Source:
Impact of Coronavirus on Architecture
Image Source:

Airports, Railways, and Metro station designs will have to incorporate such design requirements in they’re design codes and briefs. Disaster management as a subject should be taught at all levels in schools and colleges. Especially in the context of architecture STUDIES terms of design disaster management should also be the core focus in building design at all levels in public and residential buildings. Spaces should address the fall back that may be essential during times of such calamities.

We have come a long way in the development of the human race and we have compromised
a lot of environmental parameters which will let us see a lot of calamities and disasters in times to come like Tsunami, Floods, Earth Quakes, Pandemics, many more and terrorism of

Our Preparedness to handle and deal with these situations and learning lessons and improvising our living and lifestyle to save this planet and the human race is of vital importance for our future generations.

Image source:

CORONYISM in Architecture will make us look at buildings in the retrospect of the sanitization and sterilization primarily but we need to have evolved thinking about keeping in mind the various other calamities that are expected to hit us. Transformation of Our Entrances will have to have provisions of Sanitisation counters and provision for checking and monitoring the same as Video Door Phone for Security. Automatic Doors or locks hardware with alternate arrangements which can be operated by knee and foot etc will be in vogue.

Image source:

Air-conditioning and air purification will have to be considered with high standards of precision and accuracy. With energy efficiency. The finishes and surfaces will be anti-microbial. Anything which comes in contact with a person will have to address these stringent standards. The hospitality industry will undergo an extreme transformation in its operations and its structure. Sanitisation and sterilization and security will become prime important aspects of its design and feel. With Eco-friendliness Quotient.

Residences and housings will also focus on designs catering to the disaster management issues and making the residences and housings the safe heavens for individuals eventually in the times of such disaster. Public Spaces and commercials and offices will transform into commercially viable models and work from distance and home will get into the cultural mainstream and acceptance across the world. In lieu of this, the commercial and office spaces and their designs will also transform in the context.

So it’s just the TIP of the iceberg, Don’t Forget Global Warming and its Impact too……

About the Author

Prof. Anurag Khandelwal
Director, Anand College of Architecture, Agra
Architect and a post-grad from CEPT is an environmentalist and passionate about wood. He is Pioneer in doing Wooden structure in India. His portfolio of work span across the length and breadth of the Country He is also an academician and has been faculty and visiting in various architecture institutes and universities.

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