The fusion of Science and Technology with societal development is a global imperative in today’s world. Nations worldwide are embracing the synergy of scientific innovation and socio-economic progress as a common goal. Recognizing this, the Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) was established in 1986 in the dynamic Indian state. Committed to addressing regional challenges aligned with the international narrative, GUJCOST emphasizes the universal significance of scientific awareness as a catalyst for socio-economic advancements.

Project Name: Regional Science Centre at Rajkot
Project Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Completion Year: June 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 85000 ft2
Program / Use / Building Function: Science Museum / Science Centre / Edutainment Center (Science Gallery)
Architect Firm Name: INI Design Studio
Architect Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Photographers– Cube Construction , Karan Gajjar

Project Credits:
Project Mentor/Director: Jayesh Hariyani, Adi Mistri
Project Lead: Rakhi Rupani
Sr. Designer: Dharmesh Gangani
Project Architect: Bhargav A Bhavsar
Project Director (MEPF Eng.): Parth Joshi
Interior Designer: INI Design Studio
Landscape Consultant: INI Design Studio
Construction Company: Cube Construction Engineering Ltd.
Structural Consultant: DUCON Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Plumbing Consultant: INI Infrastructure & Engineering
Lighting Design: INI Infrastructure & Engineering
HVAC Consultant: INI Infrastructure & Engineering
Exhibit Design: Lemon Design
Electrical Consultant: INI Infrastructure & Engineering
AV / IT / Acoustic: INI Infrastructure & Engineering

Regional Science Centre at Rajkot by INI Design Studio-Sheet1
©Karan Gajjar

With a primary focus on tackling issues such as backwardness, rural unemployment, and poverty, GUJCOST is actively establishing community science centers across Gujarat through strategic public-private partnerships, underscoring the state’s commitment to harnessing knowledge and innovation for positive societal change, envisioning a future where science empowers communities and propels the nation toward unprecedented socio-economic growth.

Regional Science Centre at Rajkot by INI Design Studio-Sheet2
©Karan Gajjar

A notable addition to this initiative is the Regional Science Centre in Rajkot, a major city and industrial hub in Gujarat. The Centre, blending architectural creativity with regional influences, is a testament to the state’s dedication to fostering scientific attitudes in daily life. Inspired by local cultural elements, the design draws parallels to an annual religious fair, situated on an elevated mound within a scenic picnic spot.

Evolving through various design stages, the form symbolizes the continuum of life, featuring a sacred central space representing the void of pure potential (“Shunya”) from which all creation emanates. The segmented structure metaphorically embraces infinity (“Anant”), reflecting boundless possibilities.

Regional Science Centre at Rajkot by INI Design Studio-Sheet3
©Karan Gajjar

The central plaza, akin to a marquee, functions as a vibrant public space hosting events and cafes. Accessible through buffer passages, the tensile canopy transforms the void into a celestial tapestry, casting intricate patterns of light and shadow upon the ground, reminiscent of cosmic constellations mapping the journey of the universe.

Radiating walls in a dial formation create a pyramid-like structure, forming courts with theme-based open-air exhibits. The Centre invites families, schools, and groups to explore the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, workshops, and demonstrations. Galleries on the ground floor house interactive exhibits, providing a platform for the exploration of various scientific aspects, while mezzanine spaces overlooking the galleries serve as workshops and science outreach areas.

Regional Science Centre at Rajkot by INI Design Studio-Sheet4
©Karan Gajjar
©Karan Gajjar

Amenities like a VR Zone, Sound Park, Flight Simulator, and workshops, Facilitatte exploration of diverse scientific aspects, such as machine engineering, robotics, life sciences, and the local ceramic industry, creating a versatile space for engaging events. The design prioritizes easy navigation with open-air spaces for exploration, contemplation, discussion, and relaxation.

Addressing challenges posed by the local terrain, the design minimizes excavation and blasting. Sustainable strategies, including vertical fins, tensile canopies, and cross ventilation, cater to the hot climate of Rajkot. The incorporation of passive and active interventions enhances energy efficiency, while rainwater harvesting and the use of recycled materials align with the region’s environmental ethos.

Regional Science Centre at Rajkot by INI Design Studio-Sheet6
©Karan Gajjar



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