A Modern Contemporary Educational Center is tucked away in the Vidyanagar neighbourhood of Western Maharashtra’s Karad Town. Given the tropical climate in the area, a large central courtyard is set up, and all school activities are organised around it.

Name of Client – Holy Family Convent Trust
Site Location – Vidyanagar, Tal-Karad, Dist-Satara (Maharashtra)
Country – India
Site Area – 12000.0 Sqmt
Built-Up Area – 8058.0 Sqmt
Architects and Interior Design Firm– Spacecraftt Architects, Kolhapur.
Design Team – Ar. Umaesh Raje, Ar. Pankaj Phadnis
I . G . B. C. Consultant – Shashwat, Pune
R.C. C. Consultant – Dr. A. B. Kulkarni, Sangli.
E. P. Consultant – Yashada, Sangli.
Contractor – B. R. Sinha Contractors, Karad.
Flooring – Natural Granite Stone
Brickwork – Porotherm Clay Blocks – 200 and 150 mm thick.
Plumbing – Astral APVC and CPVC
Sanitryware – Jaquar

Holy Family Convent School by Spacecraftt Architects - Sheet3
©Spacecraftt Architects

Since it can be seen from every classroom and office block, the central courtyard serves as the school’s focal point. So, it is made so that students can use it in a variety of ways. It can serve as an open assembly hall during school hours.

Students can use it for indoor games, eating snacks and tiffin during recess, and other activities.

It can be utilised as an amphitheatre for special performances during school gatherings.

For this Amphi Theatre, which has become the centre of the school, the Conctere Stamping by Ultratech Team is carried out in accordance with the Architects Design and Color Scheme.

Holy Family Convent School by Spacecraftt Architects - Sheet6
©Spacecraftt Architects

The placement of the sun screen device on the exterior side was carefully considered to allow natural light inside while preventing direct sunlight from entering classrooms and laboratories.

These screens are positioned on the east, south, and west sides of the building, which receive the most sunlight and heat radiation. This unique character has evolved into the building’s aesthetic component.

All of the school’s exterior and interior walls are constructed of hollow Porotherm clay blocks, which insulates the structure from heat and sound. For internal and external plaster, a significant amount of money is saved.

Holy Family Convent School by Spacecraftt Architects - Sheet8
©Spacecraftt Architects

The front façade faces the south, and a customised screen made of 2 mm aluminium sheet that has been powder-coated is employed. It is made out of all the alphabets, numbers, mathematic signs, and other symbols to give the school a highly unique and alluring character, and as a result, it has become a landmark in the area.

To keep the air inside the screen cool throughout the summer, a small water body is placed on the outside of the screen.

©Spacecraftt Architects

Palette of materials:

Sustainability is carefully considered when selecting all materials. For the purpose of obtaining a green building certificate, the school is already registered with the Indian Green Building Council. For greater thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the building, Porotherm Hollow Clay Blocks are employed. These Blocka are maintained interior exposed and not plastered.


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