The project is inserted into the lot respecting the planimetric orientation of the pre-existing schools, becoming the representative building of the future school campus, the gate that will connect it to the city. The design research therefore concentrated on the volumes best suited to represent this role and which, at the same time, could best integrate with the fragmented urban fabric.

TYPE: concorso di progettazione a due fasi per un nuovo polo scolastico a Maia Bassa – finalist project
SURFACE: 7.700 mq
PLACE: Meran (BZ)
Architeture: Rosso19 (Tommaso Rossi Fioravanti), BSTR architects
Structure: Aei progetti srl
Installations: Rethinking Energy srl
Landscape: studio Bellesi-Giuntoli

New School Complex, Meran - Bozen, Italy By rosso19 - Sheet2

The project includes three large square volumes (29x29m), independent of each other and surrounded by greenery, connected and united by the central volume of the new square / agora which becomes the heart of the project.

New School Complex, Meran - Bozen, Italy By rosso19 - Sheet3

The need to combine two different schools in a single complex has spurred us to propose a building which, while emphasizing the pedagogical differences of each school, would not create any kind of inequality between German and Italian children; the central agora, common to the two schools, in addition to being a meeting place for children, becomes the emblem of an integrated and equal community.

New School Complex, Meran - Bozen, Italy By rosso19 - Sheet4

The result is a single large complex, made up of different bodies which aggregate to form a unitary organism. The project also aims not to close itself towards the city but to integrate the urban landscape within it.


Inspired by the historic center of Merano, generous arcades have been provided that envelop the building on the ground floor on the side facing the square, ideally extending the public space inside the school.


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