Reforming ideas pragmatically, Mahendra Mohan’s (MARS Architects) design proposal for the Gwangju Library competition is a flawless amalgamation of accentuated curves the site offers and the conception of “Knowledge triangle”.

Studio Name: MARS Architects
Design Team: MARS Architects
Architect: Mahendra Mohan
Area: 1,18,403 sqft
Year: 2020

Gwanjyu Library, South Korea By MARS Architects - Sheet3
©MARS Architects

The basic perception of design evolves out of the ideas of a conceptual triangle consisting of research, education and innovation which forms the paradigm of knowledge based society.

The design philosophy favours an inclusive approach to the site and its surroundings realizing the functional advantage of the triangle form along with its conceptual notions. It is a physical manifestation of a site responsive design idea.

Gwanjyu Library, South Korea By MARS Architects - Sheet4
©MARS Architects

Along with the site, the design caters to the needs of the users in a plethora of possibilities while ensuring optimum utilization of every nook and cranny without disrupting its true essence. The accentuated curves turn into depression in order to create a frontal plaza for the users providing ample space to walk around the built form along with gathering spaces. While the library encompasses spaces such as reading areas, multipurpose halls, training rooms, display centers; it beautifully segregates spaces in order to maintain a buffer from the public areas. The design also has different entrances for the public during peak hours along with two site entry and exits along with an isolated service corridor well connected with the building core. It also looks after pedestrian entry in order to avoid traffic conflicts.

Gwanjyu Library, South Korea By MARS Architects - Sheet6
©MARS Architects

Besides, a detailed conceptual and functional approach towards the building the design also confirms climatic considerations due to an energy efficient thinking by using solar panels.

Overall the curvy exteriors and aesthetic interiors give a distinctive character to the built form which is enough for it to become an international attraction in the city.

MARS Architects

Architecture in the modern era has evolved from being just another building to contemporary pieces of art that not only have an aesthetic appearance but also promise convenience. With their heart and soul put into designing the buildings, it represents the entire and the truest essence of the spirit of the new era.

Featuring in this issue of The Most Impressive & Conceptual Architect Firms to Watch in 2021 is MARS Architects, an architecture firm that is re-defining architecture.

The Company-

Ar Mahendra Mohan, Founder & M.D of MARS Architects, has started the firm with a vision of delivering service across borders. He is a person who gave his life into Architecture. He has won many National and International Awards in Architecture from the academic period. He gained experience in small scale & large scale projects in India and Middle East with Top Architecture firms in the world before starting MARS.

MARS Architects has been on service as a Research firm where Ar.Mahendra always make sure,

before designing a project, proper study about : site, requirements, and market’s demands has been done.

“We make our project successful by doing research on


Ar. Mahendra assures that the designs delivered will be unique, fulfilling the client’s requirement and stands out in the market. He encourages his Clients to go for eco-friendly concept and promotes it being an inspiration to all associates and team members.

MARS is open to associate with other firms around the world, where focus is on the result of the project always with a positive approach.

As always Ar Mahendra Mohan creates something new, he shares his research ideas to young Architects and society through media.

Products and Services- 

MARS designs covers Commercial buildings (IT Parks, Healthcare, and Hospitality), Industrial parks, Sports, Exhibition Museum and Residential projects along with Landscapes.

In India, MARS project varies from 0.5 M Sq. Ft. to 3.5 M Sq. Ft.

MARS organizes various programs that serves Client, Team members and as a whole to the      Society

MARS TALKS, Conducts program like MARS Talks, where International Architects comes to MARS Studio and discuss on Architecture topics with their team.

This is a contribution to upcoming generation Architects, in which design secrets are explained and shared authentically.

MARS GLOBAL, a platform for MARS team and associates from different parts of the world. Experts from different countries and MARS representatives.

MARS CONNECT, a platform for client to interact with MARS team who assigned their projects.

MARS RESEARCH, a platform for MARS team to enhance the knowledge about what is happening in the market.

MARS LIBRARY, an amazing collection of Architecture books from different parts of the world. (MARS team and client have the access to this e-library).

Milestones and Accomplishments-

Mars Architects designs always received appreciation from clients for delivering more than what they want. And strictly follows ethics.

When Ar Mahendra started his career in R.S.P, he was in the special design team “DARC”, his design option for INFOSYS Campus got approved by INFOSYS CEO, Narayana Moorthy from 18 design options over different parts of the World, which is going to be the tallest office building in India, making a remarkable contribution from Ar Mahendra to R.S.P. that was a milestone throughout the journey.

In 2013, Ar Mahendra Mohan won National Award for his design in “TRANSPARENCE” conducted by Saint Gobain. Following which MARS Architects won various National and International Awards.

Designed Industrial Projects for Embassy in 175 acre land, 1M scale IT Park project at Bangalore (Confidential client),

  • M scale Apartment Project at Thirupathi for Nakshathra Builders Recent Awards:
    • World Confederation of Business Award Bizz -2020
    • Indian Achievers Award for young Entrepreneur – 2020
    • Pride of Bharat – 2021
    • Global Architects & Builders Award (for Commercial) – 2021
    • Global Architects & Builders Award (for Residential) – 2021
    • The most prestigious Business Excellence Award in the world, THE BIZZ HYBRYD AWARDS,2021 (International Award) organized by WORLDCOB
  • The Prestigious Bharat Nirman Award for Real Estate and Infrastructure (National Award) organized by Promoting Achievements Foundation ( PAF ) in National Conference on “Outstanding contribution for National Economic and Social Development

The Road Ahead-

“I always think that, my soul have the responsibility to deliver Architecture services, without any borders or restrictions. I never have seen anything as my achievements. There is no “ME”. Word “ME” comes when you get a name when you born. From then you is that NAME. It’s just that.”

Ar. Mahendra has got many Awards as an Architect, he has also got appreciated for the Designs from clients, but the key to moving forward and doing excellent work is to never let that get to your head.

MARS in its future sees itself delivering Architecture across border, where by now they have tied-up with companies in different countries. In middle-east the company already has associates.

Ar. Mahendra’s Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

“Do your job with Integrity and follow ethics, educate your team and client continuously”


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