Horev School for special education is part of an education compound in the south of Tel Aviv.

The compound includes a special education school, an elementary school, kindergarten, various playgrounds, and a sports hall. A pedestrian avenue along the school was designed in order to connect various functions within the project and at the same time allow residents from the neighborhood to use the exterior and interior spaces of the complex after school operating hours.

Project: Horev School for special Education
Studio name: Moran Palmoni architects
Website: https://moranpalmoni.com/work
Area: 8500 sqm
Year: Completed 2018 Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photography Credits: Amit Gosher
Other Credits: In collaboration with Iftach Vax architects

Horev School for Special Education TLV By MORAN PALMONI ARCHITECTS - Sheet4
©Amit Gosher

A unique element of this project was the design of the building without a surrounding fence towards the street. In this case, the building itself creates the border to the street, allowing functions of the compound to open to the neighborhood and thus strengthening the school participation in the public domain. The buildings facades are designed delicately to provide the required openings for the school while preserving the privacy of the students.

Horev School for Special Education TLV By MORAN PALMONI ARCHITECTS - Sheet5
©Amit Gosher

Roof terraces and lower courtyards are designed to increase and enrich the outdoor spaces of the compound and the neighborhood. Each age group is assigned to a specific outdoor space to create a variety of pedagogical zones and to encourage individual work outside the classrooms.

Horev School for Special Education TLV By MORAN PALMONI ARCHITECTS - Sheet6
©Amit Gosher

The school staff has been involved throughout the planning stage in an effort to fulfill the precise requirements of special education school.


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