The Institute for the Instrumentation of the Molecular Image of The Spanish National Research Council CSIC proposes that it be resolved in rings: the center is the patio that allows lighting and ventilation of a building of great depths.

Project Name: Molecular Image Institute Valencia
Studio Name: COR & asociados

Client: The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Design Team: Miguel Rodenas, Jesus Olivares, Nadia Canet, Judit Lastres, Rebeca Otero
Year: 2021
Area: 5.996 sqm
Location: Valencia, Spain
Consultants: Proyecta79
Principal Use:  Research Public Building

Molecular Image Institute Valencia By COR & asociados - Sheet1
©COR & asociados

In addition, to connect the user with the sky and allow the second ring, which are the horizontal circulations, not to become long corridors without natural lighting. These corridors give way to the main rooms; but between both there is a strip that corresponds to a capable band that serves both the interior of the rooms and the corridors.

Lastly, the main work spaces are located on the most perimeter band, opening onto the façade: to the north, as it is the best orientation for natural lighting, are the laboratories and to the south are the offices, the openings to the south are protected from excess of solar incidence by separating the second skin of the façade.

Molecular Image Institute Valencia By COR & asociados - Sheet2
©COR & asociados

The vertical circulation is located at the east and west ends. In the middle of the south façade, the nucleus of bathrooms is located so that it is at an equitable distance from all the spaces, allowing them to be grouped in this single point per floor. The strategic location of the communication cores and the wet cores allows the rest of the floor to be redistributed freely.

Thanks to this configuration, the distributors and transition and access spaces are located in the central part of the building and, therefore, the outer perimeter houses all the required spaces, providing them with lighting and natural ventilation on the facades.

Molecular Image Institute Valencia By COR & asociados - Sheet3
©COR & asociados

To achieve formal integration in the environment, it is essential to understand the urban fabric from a human point of view. This is not based on the physical qualities of the new building and its surroundings, but rather stems from the use of the buildings and the meaning they have for the community. A unique building is designed that dignifies the space it occupies and adds value to the whole; generate a green square that gives access to the Institute for the Instrumentation of the Molecular Image of Valencia and that serves as a space for social exchange for the users of the Institute and for the residents of the surroundings of the Plaza Actor Enrique Rambal.



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