Poi Lam (SUWA) is an independent school sitting between the neighbourhood of residential and industrial. A neighbourhood of middle aged family with children in high school, most of the parents fetch their children to school by car. With a growing student population of 1500, additional care to the security and safety of the students are made with efficient traffic flow design and clear circulation.

Project Name: Poi Lam High School (SUWA)
Studio Name: Fei Architect

Poi Lam High School (SUWA) By Fei Architect - Sheet4
©Fei Architect

The large gateway is designed for 2 way 2 lane entry and exit, making a controlled yet faster circulation. One lane on each entry and exit are reserved for security check, while the external lane are for vehicle with entry pass. A raised up bump is made to allow student and wheelchair users to walk across the road without getting wet under any water ponding and splashes on the driveway. As the Chinese proverb goes, “前人栽树,后人乘凉”, “to enjoy the benefits of the hard work of one’s predecessors”, the road leading to the archway is flanked by trees planted since 1976, creating shades and hang out area for the students.

Poi Lam High School (SUWA) By Fei Architect - Sheet5
©Fei Architect

Careful planning of the route and a covered 1.2m walkway allow students awaiting by for their parents’ vehicles. By doing so, the traffic congestion within the school can be diluted to outside the school fence. With an estimated of 300 parent’s cars, the traffic flow can be discharged faster, along with creating a safer campus during peak hour.

Nearing to the archway, the road texture is made with paver block to create distinguishable tire noise when vehicle is passing by. Drivers are more aware of the tire noise as they are driving slower to the exit, whilst students are more aware of the tire noise of the imminent vehicle.

Poi Lam High School (SUWA) By Fei Architect - Sheet6
©Fei Architect

The overall color template of the paver, wall paint and archway matches of the school logo. With the school 5-star rating from the Education Ministry in 2014, the school is setting to improve the school facilities by creating a safer and more secured learning environment.


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